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Patch 7.7

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Comp ADC's, these all depend on playstyle and team comp. Many hunters can get counter-picked/counter-played with proper teamwork, generally speaking, though this is not a direct ranked tier list since ranked is usually a clown fiesta.


Danzaburou Danzaburou

Broken AF

His whole kit is busted, 1 does way too much damage, 2 creates stupid 1v1 potential, 3 allows him to sit and auto you to death while taking no damage especially with beserk shield meta in ADC

His ult is just a lvl 5 nuke that most hunters cant answer to in terms of damage or cc
Rocket needs to be fixed (distance or turn radius needs to be decreased), 3 should not provide such an insane stim for him to just strafe M1 and win a fight


Apollo Apollo
Cupid Cupid
Heimdallr Heimdallr

Broken but not a stupid raccoon

Apollo is just versatile with his kit, ult, scaling, and passive, being behind in lane does not affect him since his mid/late gank potential just outplays every other hunter other than chemo

Cupid team fight potential and 1v1 potential if the enemy has no answer to ult is amazing, his power nerf affects him slightly in terms of boxing other hunters but he is still great

Heim cleaving + deaths toll provides a safe farm until you can get power and attack speed loaded on him, his portals make him one of if not the safest hunter pick of all, you can take yourself out of a fight instantly and also take an enemy out of a fight with your ult


Anhur Anhur
Rama Rama
Chernobog Chernobog

Good meta picks

Anhur dmg and kit is amazing, he is a 1v1 potential god that can burst out insane damage and has a good escape

Rama early pressure, mid-late scaling with both crit and pen is great rn

Cherno is a good pick into some higher hunters for his kit/global ult/and late-game power


Ah Muzen Cab Ah Muzen Cab

Cowl abuser, shreds everyone, ez gank tho

Can maneuver around the ADC-MID side very easily with cowl and hives, having a good hive network allows AMC to farm, fight, control his side of the map. Need to be cautious of hard CC junglers and support counter picks


Jing Wei Jing Wei

Farm Lord/Crit Lord

Arrow start on jing will get you insane farm as long as you don't engage the other hunter, ornate arrow lets he crit like a monster late game with the crit meta rn


Hachiman Hachiman
Ullr Ullr
Neith Neith

Decent, problems against other hunters though

Hachi ult combo took him out of the meta picks

Ullr no cc immunity & single target focus hurts his mid to late game

Neith has decent setup and damage when hitting abilities, no cc immunity causes easy ganks though


Hou Yi Hou Yi
Chiron Chiron

Kits aren't the best

Hou bounces are wack in season 8, ruined his buff clear potential/farm

Chiron hurts if hitting abilities but it becomes easy to box him once kit is down and if you have any cc


Izanami Izanami
Cernunnos Cernunnos
Xbalanque Xbalanque

Ranked weirdos that don't do anything mid to late-game/terrible kits on all 3

Iza is nice early-mid with no thorns meta anymore but her kit is underwhelming compared to other hunters

Cern hasn't really changed with his 1 buff, kit is just underwhelming

Xbal kit is useless af, poison arrows are slow and radius/damage is terrible, only good if u have a beefy frontline

All of these hunters are easily pressured out of fights if they are not fed


Artemis Artemis
Skadi Skadi
Medusa Medusa
Chronos Chronos

Useless, bad kits, easy ganks, don't do well into other top hunters

No point in arguing any of these, kits are terrible and they are free ganks if they overextend, may seem good in ranked but a good jungler will punish these all day every day even if they have pressure
All of them are overshadowed by other hunters kits and power, no use in playing any of these tbh other than for preference/fun


Sol Sol
Freya Freya
Olorun Olorun

You are inting so go play arena

Magical ADCs are terrible in the crit meta rn, they have terrible clear early and provide nothing until late game where they become even more overshadowed by other hunters

Your team will report you for playing these and feeding

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