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Patch 6.3

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Conquest Focused for Average Player


These Gods typically perform very well in anyone's hands, have little to no counters, and outshine other gods in all stages of the game. These Gods warrant banning in virtually every game mode.


Thor Thor
Persephone Persephone

These Gods perform extremely well when learned by players and maintain a presence the entire game. These Gods are typically the top of their respective roles and bans are warranted in every game mode.


King Arthur King Arthur
Osiris Osiris
Achilles Achilles
Merlin Merlin
Freya Freya
Heimdallr Heimdallr

These Gods are the Top of the picklist and perform well on the average smite player. These gods may or may not make it past the banning phase depending on the flavors in the meta. These gods remain top picks regardless of meta shifts, and any god in this category or above will require nerfs and adjustments in order to bring in line.


Serqet Serqet
Olorun Olorun
Set Set
Anhur Anhur
Erlang Shen Erlang Shen
Ganesha Ganesha
Geb Geb
Isis Isis
Tyr Tyr

Any God in this category IS an S tier god. This spot is for gods who are S tier but that may have an equal counterpart in the same role or have less pick value as the banning phase moves through.


The Morrigan The Morrigan
Jormungandr Jormungandr
Jing Wei Jing Wei
Chernobog Chernobog
Hachiman Hachiman
Kumbhakarna Kumbhakarna
Terra Terra
Ratatoskr Ratatoskr
Horus Horus
Yemoja Yemoja
Xing Tian Xing Tian
Hun Batz Hun Batz
Fafnir Fafnir
Athena Athena
Pele Pele
Amaterasu Amaterasu

Gods in here are high value counter picks and strong performing gods. These Gods typically outshine other gods in the A bracket and can fit in most team compositions very easily.


Thanatos Thanatos
Chronos Chronos
Awilix Awilix
Bellona Bellona
Susano Susano
Kukulkan Kukulkan
Thoth Thoth
Poseidon Poseidon
Nemesis Nemesis
Skadi Skadi
Vulcan Vulcan
Ne Zha Ne Zha
Cernunnos Cernunnos
Cerberus Cerberus
Hades Hades
Nike Nike
Ao Kuang Ao Kuang
Khepri Khepri
Hercules Hercules
Ah Muzen Cab Ah Muzen Cab
Vamana Vamana
Zhong Kui Zhong Kui
Nu Wa Nu Wa
Scylla Scylla
Fenrir Fenrir
Ullr Ullr
Ares Ares
Sobek Sobek
Bacchus Bacchus
Neith Neith
He Bo He Bo
Cabrakan Cabrakan
Hou Yi Hou Yi
Discordia Discordia
Da Ji Da Ji

A is for Average. These Gods are Well performing, and Well Balanced Gods of the game. None of the Gods in any of the A/A+/A- categories are "out of balance". These Gods generally have counter matchups or Items that can bolster counterplay. In the hand of an average smite player these gods perform well most of the time. In the hands of an expert, these gods can seem very strong.


Sol Sol
Medusa Medusa
Nox Nox
Janus Janus
Agni Agni
Mercury Mercury
Rama Rama
Artemis Artemis
Cupid Cupid
Apollo Apollo
Chiron Chiron
Ravana Ravana
Chaac Chaac
Xbalanque Xbalanque
Guan Yu Guan Yu
Ymir Ymir
Arachne Arachne

While A- for the gods in this category, it simply relatChaaces to the pick value and skill cap. Generally these Gods are harder to play in the A group, and as a result the average smite player may not perform at an average level, instead it takes an expert player to work in above average ways with gods in A-.


Sylvanus Sylvanus
Ra Ra
Ah Puch Ah Puch
Hel Hel
Camazotz Camazotz
Odin Odin
Baron Samedi Baron Samedi
Kali Kali
Aphrodite Aphrodite
Anubis Anubis
Cu Chulainn Cu Chulainn
Zeus Zeus
Raijin Raijin
Chang'e Chang'e
Kuzenbo Kuzenbo
Izanami Izanami
Bakasura Bakasura

B is Below Average. This means that Gods in this tier must be more commonly undervalued and underplayed. Typically Gods in the B tier are very hard to play well for the average smite player, and even challenging for an expert to perform well on. These gods generally have no value to add in the pick/ban phase, as they can be countered by gods or items. Remember that this category reflects an "out of balance" position and will require buffs/adjustments/items in order to bring in line.


Bastet Bastet
Sun Wukong Sun Wukong
Loki Loki

Now we reach a tier of God that is far below the point of balance. On top of that fact, these Gods will instead harm most team compositions by requiring a full draft around the picked C tier God. These gods are also generally far out of meta, and perform poorly in all hands, including experts. Rare that gods in this category are ever picked. The Gods here should be reserved for professional players only.


This is the lowest tier. As a result, these gods should not be drafted without extreme caution. These Gods will do more harm than good, and generally have no presence throughout any phase of the game. You should be avoiding the Gods in D tier until they are buffed/changed/adjusted to perform better. Items will not improve these Gods, and the kit must receive changes.

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Mulan Mulan
Baba Yaga Baba Yaga
Cthulhu Cthulhu