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Persephone: Insane damage, range & cc, and a great escape making it hard to dive onto her. Her burst just does to much to leave her to the enemy team: ban her or pick her every game.

Gilgamesh: Extreme damage & cc, good mobility, zoning, Gilgamesh has it all. Almost impossible to 1v1, can fit in solo, jungle & supp. Maybe the nerfs will shut him down a bit, but meanwhile, prioritize heavily.

Morgan le Fay: Most broken god currently. Range, zone, insane fear on a short cooldown, almost impossible to dive if her ult is up. Her knock up and movement speed makes her really hard to gank. She does good in early, late, in lane and in teamfight. Never let the enemy team pick her.


Artemis: Artemis is probably the god that benefits the most of the bow build. She gets online very fast, and becomes impossible to box. Her ult is very good against ganks and in teamfights, and her stim let her get away with murder easily.

Odin: Crazy what a 1s buff can do. Odin can jump in, shield, jump out, shield again. Probably the hardest god to kill right now. He also has good cc and his ult is still very good to lockdown mages & hunters.

Athena: Her taunt is still the best set-up in the game. You can dash to use it well, you can play in the jungle and do crazy damage. You're out of the fight? No problem, ult back in. She's not broken but is the best god in the tier.

Raijin: Raijin does insane damage, and his relatively safe thanks to his tp. His ult can very easily kill pretty much anyone if you taunt them out of position, of straight up one shot a squishy.

Erlang shen: Best abuser of the current jungle bruiser meta. Insane damage with his 1, very good cc to set up for your team, survivability with your shield and heal, combined with great mobility. All around great jungler.


Anhur: Anhur, on top of being a counter to most top hunters, is an extreme snowball carry. His impale is very good at all stages of the game, he has safety with mobility and long cc immune, and obviously great damage from both AA and abilities.

Fenrir: Fenrir wouldn't be so high if it wasn't for his extreme pressure in the support role. Winning a lane against a Fenrir support is almost impossible if he is played correctly, and his ult will always be strong to pick up targets.

Scylla: One of the most damaging god in the game, at least when it comes to burst. A well placed combo can turn a fight, and her safety with ult and tp is still very strong.

Osiris: Osiris can follow you under phenix 5 minutes into the game and still get away somehow. Probably the tankiest jungler, and he still does great damage almost constantly thanks to his short cooldowns. Erlang and Gilgamesh are still better, but Osiris is probably the 3rd best jungler right now.

Fafnir: The best support in the bow meta. His stim is great, and in dragon form it becomes a "burn an objective in 2 seconds" button. However, he still needs to land his hammers consistantly if he wants to be relevant.

The Morrigan: Great burst, can destroy someone in the backline and transform into a safer god to get away. Also, the ability to turn into a tank or a carry after throwing your kit will be very hard to deal with for the enemy team.

Tiamat: While her melee form isn't as strong as it used to be, Tiamat is still a very strong pick. Great damage and cc, buff sharing, great poke and dps, and her 2+1 combo in range form still hurts like a truck.


Ymir: Great god all around, can deal a lot of damage, and most importantly, can set up and peel for his team very well. His freeze and wall are very hard to deal with, and his passive is just so good to prevent opponents from defending themselves.

Kukulkan: Kind of an underrated pick. Great damage on short cooldowns, great zoning, and his ult when used properly can do a lot for the team, like securing an objective or one-shot a cc'd squishy. Also, probably the best god from behind, has he makes it very hard to siege his team.

Hel: Hel is a weird case, because she can easily do very bad. However, when in the right hands, she becomes the best support that's actually a mid. Her zone CC imune counter many set-up strategies, her healing is obviously very strong, and her burst damage is surprisingly high.

Ares: Whenever many high-mobility gods are meta, Ares rise up to shut them down. His ult is still the best beads burner, and he can be partnered with artemis for one of the best teamfight duo.

Nemesis: Her ult right now is what many people fear when playing against Nemesis. But actually, the rest of her kit is far more dangerous with the current meta builds. Very hard to box, very hard to catch, and even tho she only has slow for CC she still does great all around.

Janus: Still the best ult in the game in my opinion. Can almost two-shot a carry by surprise, offers a lot of mobility for the team. Probably the safest mage, and he still deals insane damage easily. CC shut him down very hard though.

Cabrakan: Solo, jungle or supp, Cabrakan will do good in any of these roles, making it hard for the enemy to predict where he's gonna be. Very strong single target CC, great lockdown potential, great damage and very tanky. Needs blink to function has he has the most telegraphed kit in the game.

Ravana: What's great about Ravana is how safe he is. Shield, CC & Damage immune, and a CC immune long range jump, attached to great damage and a bit of CC. Kinda falls off late, especially when is ult is down.

Sol: Great in both ADC and mid role, Sol can deal many damage in many ways. CC imune ult is always welcome, she has both burst and DPS, and her survivability is still strong with her 3 and her self-peel.

Izanami: Her stim, mixed with with the bow build, makes Izanami very hard to box at every stage of the game. Her range and burst, while weakening in the late game, is very potent.

Cu Chulainn: Very high pressure god that can dive in the backline and wreck havoc. While he can be shutdown with proper target focus, he's still one of the big bully of the solo lane, and very hard to stop when he's ahead.

Artio: Just like Ares, Artio benefits a lot from this high-mobility meta. Since her buffs, she provides strong lockdown, good damage and she can be played in both supp and solo and do very well.

Cerberus: Very high damaging support, even with a full tank build. Also strong in the solo lane, his pressure can shut down many strong ealry game gods. His sustain, mobility and set-up are also very good.

Set: Still very potent, Set just like to run around, being elusive, poking and waiting for the right moment to blow someone up. In many ways, Set is a straight better Bakasura, with better dps, burst, modiblity and sustained damage.

Yemoja: When played properly, Yemoja is the scarriest support to face against low-mobility comps. She has strong peel, healing, mobility that she can share with her team, and obviously her ult can create perfet scenrios for your team when used right.

Tsukuyomi: Dealing a lot of damage from a safe distance, Tsuku can also turn a fight with a single well-placed ult. However, interrupting his 2 shut him down hard, and he lacks the survivabilty that the current meta requires.


Gods in this rank are pretty-self-explanatory. They will do good if played right, but they don't provide as much as some better gods. These gods can work in alsmot every comp, and don't need to be played around, but can be countered.


Gods in this rank are your most average picks. Then can do well, they can do bad. Some of them relies almost only on their ult (like Hun Batz, Poseidon, Thor, Ne Zha, Amaterasu), some of them lacks what some gods do better (like Agni, Xbalanque, Cupid, Eset ), and some of them are pretty risky (Like Thanatos, Sylvanus, Kuzenbo, Charybdis)


Gods in this rank are not necessarily bad, but they need their team so play around them. With great coordination, some of them can actually be devastating (like Freya, Bacchus, Awilix & Ratatoskr), and some of them can become very hard to deal with it protected well by their team (like healers, AMC or Bakasura).


Anubis: As long as the enemy knows how to play around you, you can't do anything. But if they don't, you can unleash hell and one-shot everyone and everything. Realisticly, that's not going to happen in high ranked game.

Bastet: Her 3 is arguably the worst ability in the game. And she can't achieve anything without her ult. However, when she does have ult, she can actually get a lot done. Too bad you will get CC to death before that happens.

Vamana: Anti-heal counters you way too hard. Also, if you build tanky, you won't be relevant, and if you build damage, you're gonna die in every lategame teamfight.

Guan Yu: Healers are pretty bad atm, Guan Yu is no exception. The nerf on his ult also hit him a bit too hard, and he can't do much anymore sadly.

Vulcan: Gods that are easy to kill can't be good right now. Vulcan does great damage and disruption, but he is too frail and has a very hard time defending himself. His ult is also very easy to predict or react to, and you won't hit much people in the course of a game.

Cernunnos: Cern is outdamaged by most adc, and he lacks safety even with his dash. Also, his ult is pretty bad and telegraphed, especially when compared to many great hunter ults.

Mulan: Mulan has a bit of the "Decent in many role but actually good in none" syndrome. She has many things in her kit, but none of the things goes out of the extraorinary.


Zeus: Probably the easiest god to kill. He has no cc imune, no CC to peel for himself, not even a movement speed stim like Kukulkan. He still does great damage and all... but a team with a slight bit of coordination can take him down effortlessly.

Chaac: Chaac would actually be very good it it wasn't for his very lackluster lategame impact. But, lategame right now happens in 15 minutes, and you have less pressure that other bully warriors.


Nox: Low damage, impossible to hit combo. Her dash and ult are actually pretty good, but most god have 4 abilities, not 2.

Ah puch: A counter to healer that doesn't actually counter healers, sad. His combo is the easiest to predict, and takes 3 cooldowns instead of 1. His ult is decent in teamfight, but is hard counter by many strong meta picks. And just like Zeus, no way to survive getting dived on -except maybe if you turn and outdamage them, which isn't gonna happen.


Persephone Persephone
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh
Morgan Le Fay Morgan Le Fay

OP Gods, needs to be banned or nerfed.


Artemis Artemis
Odin Odin
Athena Athena
Raijin Raijin
Erlang Shen Erlang Shen

Strongest picks in the meta. Prioritize for bans/picks


Anhur Anhur
Fenrir Fenrir
Scylla Scylla
Osiris Osiris
Fafnir Fafnir
The Morrigan The Morrigan
Tiamat Tiamat

Will always do good if played correctly


Ymir Ymir
Kukulkan Kukulkan
Hel Hel
Ares Ares
Nemesis Nemesis
Janus Janus
Cabrakan Cabrakan
Ravana Ravana
Sol Sol
Izanami Izanami
Cu Chulainn Cu Chulainn
Artio Artio
Cerberus Cerberus
Set Set
Yemoja Yemoja
Tsukuyomi Tsukuyomi

Most meta picks


Kali Kali
Arachne Arachne
Sobek Sobek
Loki Loki
Hercules Hercules
Apollo Apollo
Tyr Tyr
Zhong Kui Zhong Kui
Mercury Mercury
Sun Wukong Sun Wukong
Geb Geb
Rama Rama
Serqet Serqet
Bellona Bellona
Khepri Khepri
Xing Tian Xing Tian
Chiron Chiron
Da Ji Da Ji
Achilles Achilles
Chernobog Chernobog
Pele Pele
Hera Hera
King Arthur King Arthur
Merlin Merlin
Jormungandr Jormungandr
Heimdallr Heimdallr
Baba Yaga Baba Yaga
Cthulhu Cthulhu
Danzaburou Danzaburou

Good, but better options are available


Hun Batz Hun Batz
He Bo He Bo
Agni Agni
Cupid Cupid
Thor Thor
Xbalanque Xbalanque
Neith Neith
Poseidon Poseidon
Ne Zha Ne Zha
Eset Eset
Chronos Chronos
Thanatos Thanatos
Nu Wa Nu Wa
Ullr Ullr
Kumbhakarna Kumbhakarna
Sylvanus Sylvanus
Ao Kuang Ao Kuang
Hou Yi Hou Yi
Amaterasu Amaterasu
Jing Wei Jing Wei
Susano Susano
Terra Terra
Thoth Thoth
Nike Nike
Kuzenbo Kuzenbo
Ganesha Ganesha
Hachiman Hachiman
Discordia Discordia
Horus Horus
Charybdis Charybdis

Average. If played well, can still do good but some picks will be straight better


Hades Hades
Ra Ra
Bakasura Bakasura
Freya Freya
Bacchus Bacchus
Aphrodite Aphrodite
Chang'e Chang'e
Ah Muzen Cab Ah Muzen Cab
Awilix Awilix
Ratatoskr Ratatoskr
Medusa Medusa
Skadi Skadi
Camazotz Camazotz
Baron Samedi Baron Samedi
Olorun Olorun

Situationnal. Can work in some comps or to counter some gods.


Anubis Anubis
Bastet Bastet
Vamana Vamana
Guan Yu Guan Yu
Vulcan Vulcan
Cernunnos Cernunnos
Mulan Mulan

Mostly bad. Needs extreme support to work right.


Zeus Zeus
Chaac Chaac

Very bad picks all around.


Nox Nox
Ah Puch Ah Puch

Don't pick if you actually want to win

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