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Team Solo XXI - NA

Assault is heavily teamfight oriented. This list will show you what you should be playing and DO NOT re-roll the gods at the top tiers, Feedback appreciated


Odin Odin
Ymir Ymir
Hades Hades
Hel Hel
Sobek Sobek
Ares Ares
Geb Geb
Scylla Scylla
Ah Puch Ah Puch
Khepri Khepri
Xing Tian Xing Tian
Sol Sol
Raijin Raijin
Fafnir Fafnir
Terra Terra
Thoth Thoth
Artio Artio
Discordia Discordia
Persephone Persephone
Yemoja Yemoja
Cthulhu Cthulhu
Tiamat Tiamat
Morgan Le Fay Morgan Le Fay


- Odin's ult is probably one of the best ultimates for Assault, traps enemies, cancels ALL healing and sets your team up for some amazing burst damage, you also do amazing damage for a tank and Odin is really easy to play so anyone can get the job done without much effort. Odin should NEVER be re-rolled.


- Ymir is really stupid in assault, he has his stun every 16 SECONDS, SIXTEEN SECONDS. If you freeze someone they're guaranteed to be dead on the spot and that's not all, his 2 does literal burst damage even when going full tank, oh did i mention he also has a massive AoE ult that slows and hits like a truck? and WILL cast even if you're dead?


- MFS JUST DON'T BUY BEADS IN ASSAULT LMAO. If your ult doesn't get you at least 2-3 people killed you or your teammates are doing something wrong, you also have a fear and really stupid sustain early which is amazing to have in assault. If you re-roll Hades you're trolling and don't care about winning.


- There are many healers in SMITE but Hel is THE healer. Your heal is insane, heals minions, has low cooldown and covers a big area, you also have an anti-cc tool for peeling teammates, while also having a slow and overall decent burst. Hel will carry your assault games PERIOD.


- Get plucked, guaranteed to die, mini Kuzenbo ult, a sustain tool to keep beating the shit out of you and a massive area ult that also slows, regens mana and gets him protections. Sobek is one of the best initiators in Assault while also not requiring a lot of skill to be played properly, you can get away with everything when playing Sobek. MUST HAVE


- Ares loves blinking and ulting, and what better place than Assault where people don't buy beads?. Ares is guaranteed to pull AT LEAST 3 enemies and secure kills specially with his chains and fire. Ares is an instant win for your team, the only way to lose when having an ares is if everyone is griefing. Good luck dealing against Ares lol FF @10


- Never thought a rock would bring so much grief to the enemy team as much as this rock. you have everything when it comes to Geb, a really good, low cooldown and annoying stun with your 2, a shield that will peel EVERYTHING, literally the most idiot rewarding ability in the game and an ult that will stun and DELETE THE ENEMY HEALTH BARS WITH THE HEALTH % DAMAGE, while also having the size of a vulcan ult at point-blank range. Geb is also pretty much unkillable at a certain point in the game and you better pray to god he doesn't get someone on this tier as his teammate.


- INSANE AoE damage and a pretty reliable stun that also does underrated damage. Specially good at killing idiots who love to hide behind their tower for the entire game.

Ah Puch

- Compared to his worst mode (Conquest) Ah Puch doesn't suffer from the things that hold him back and oh boy he's ready to make you a corpse. his damage covers a MASSIVE area and is specially great at killing people under tower, he also has a really easy to hit anti-heal ability to the point of not really needing to build anti-heal. His ult is also really annoying because it covers the entirety of the lane and is perfect for disengaging every teamfight, you're just guaranteed to win with this little piece of shit.


- Amazing and REALLY easy to hit CC while also giving protections with his 2 and passive. Khepri's ult doesn't need an introduction, it pretty much enables your teammates to play without a worry (watch out for executes tho)

Xing Tian

- Xing is going to be beastly at setting up kills for your team, literally foolproof and doesn't rely on blink that heavily compared to people like Ares or Geb, you also benefit from having a root and surprisingly good DoT. Must have guardian for sure.


- BRUTAL AoE damage and since you're going to be teamfighting most of the time your passive will be up way too often, also MELTS objectives like no other. You better not re-roll Sol if you want to win easily.


- Step aside Zeus, this is REAL electricity you boomer. You benefit from INSANE poke, INSANE range, good proc synergy and mother of GOD the damage you deal is OFF THE CHARTS and that's not the end of it, your ult also has a TAUNT AND A FEAR. Enjoy your pentakills if you play raijin in Assault.


- TANKY AS FUCK, stim for everyone, AMAZING CC, High damage for a guardian and an objective melter. Fafnir will win you games easily. Works best with hunters or auto-attack heavy characters.


- Slow, stun, root, great healing, tankiness, etc. probably the best teamfight support in Assault. Nothing else to say really.


- Thoth is guaranteed to be the bane of your existence in Assault, this stupid bird has NO cooldowns while also benefiting from INSANE range, specially in a tiny map like assault where poke is highly regarded, did i mention you also have built-in pen?. Pretty much an auto-pilot character in Assault and guaranteed to win a lot of games. Pray to god Thoth doesn't get paired with gods on this tier.


- What was hi-rez thinking giving a character this much CC and sustain?, Artio has a root, cripple, stun and a slow, sure to counter almost everyone while also doing high damage and making everyone's life a nightmare, if your enemies have a dash and are bold to attack you or one of your guys, they're guaranteed dead. it's GG when you have an Artio on your team.


- No fun allowed: the character. Boosts your carry, has INSANE poke, INSANE MASSIVE AREA stun, decent mobility and a foolproof ult that will 100% disrupt their team since enemies are grouped most of the time, her damage is a bit underwhelming compared to some of the characters in this list but who needs high damage when you can land it consistently?. Discordia is KEY in winning Assault matches.


- High damage, great range, sprouts cover the entire map and are hard to keep track of, her ult is STUPID and can net you at least 2-3 kills if hit correctly. Must have god on your team


- Bubble and stun with her 1 are annoying to deal with and her ult covers the entire map and can actually trap a lot of people if placed correctly while also having decent healing and hp5 with her passive.


- Root has insane radius and damage, ult covers a good chunk of the map and his presence will just make people focus cthulhu for whatever reason. Pretty good character to have on your team for sure.


- Really stupid poke, versatility, INSANE amounts of CC, decent sustain, really high damage even after being nerfed so many times, and really tanky for some reason. Tiamat just has it all and gets it done with relative ease.

Morgan Le Fay

- FEARED, FEARED, KNOCKED UP, SLOWED, SNIPED AND HEALED BECAUSE OF HER ULT. She might have bad mobility but compensates for it with her dragon and high damage AoE. Morgan will just autopilot your Assault games.


Anubis Anubis
Zeus Zeus
Kukulkan Kukulkan
Artemis Artemis
Anhur Anhur
Cupid Cupid
Bacchus Bacchus
Vulcan Vulcan
Eset Eset
Athena Athena
Zhong Kui Zhong Kui
Nu Wa Nu Wa
Rama Rama
Hou Yi Hou Yi
Chiron Chiron
The Morrigan The Morrigan
Kuzenbo Kuzenbo
Cerberus Cerberus
Merlin Merlin
Olorun Olorun
Baba Yaga Baba Yaga
Tsukuyomi Tsukuyomi


- Insane area damage, lifesteal and being around teammates reduces the glass cannon problems Anubis suffers. Only countered by cc heavy comps and not playing smart.


- This guy will poke the shit out of you and make your life a living nightmare, probably the best squishy killer in assault. If they get an Odin the match is an instant FF@10. Only downside is his bad mobility but if you're around teammates it shouldn't be that much of an issue. Expect to Autopilot a dub with Zeus.


- The tornado and your 1 are probably amongst the best pokes in assault because enemies don't have that much access to healing and you also have a lot of burst with your ult. Only suffers from being a bit squish and a MASSIVE mana consumer but if your team is consistent with the medi it shouldn't be that much of an issue


- Amazing teamfight ult, High damage with her stim, people are too busy to think about your traps, good AoE with poke included, only downside is her lack of mobility and reliance on position.


- Anhur is one of the most consistent teamfight hunters in the game, you have a pillar that slows, a push with high damage (please don't grief your teammates by pushing an enemy to their team), a knockup and a high-damage, straightforward ult. You can never go wrong with this lion.


- Your ult and your heartbombs will make your enemies hate themselves. Overall a pretty straightforward hunter, suffers from bad matchups like Anhur, Danza and CC heavy characters.


- 3 types of CC, high damage and tanky, what else is there to say?.


- For some reason people forget your turrets exist, and when they're aware of them they're putting themselves out of position, Vulcan is high tier here because Assault only has a little lane and his ult becomes A NUCLEAR WARHEAD, you're guaranteed to get a LOT of kills with Vulcan.

PS: don't be that guy that ults as soon they get in lane, yes, you did damage to the enemies but they're just going to heal it back up even with potions and 1 medi most of the time.


- Eset has everything for teamfighting, a stun, a silence and slow and probably one of the must underrated ults in the game, that shit HEALS MASSIVELY AND BURSTS LIKE 2 VULCAN ULTS AT THE SAME TIME. Eset is one of the MUST mages to have in assault for a guaranteed win.


- Athena is like Ymir pretty much, only in this tier because her damage is a bit harder to land compared to the characters above and you have to go in A LOT but overall an amazing pick to have on your team regardless.

Zhong Kui

- Really easy to hit damage with slow and a clunky stun, while also being key in teamfights due to his big AoE ult.

Nu Wa

- Her 2-3 Damage is pretty much underestimated by everyone and your ult is sure to secure you kills since enemies don't have that much access to healing, her clay soldiers are also pretty good at setting up tower dives for your teammates and you. Really good mage to have on your team.


- Rama is pretty insane and straightforward, as long as you land your autos you should be fine with Rama, also his ult is amazing for securing kills since the assault map is not that big, his 3 cripple also makes sure enemies don't get away. Pretty much a must have hunter on your team.

Hou Yi

- Hou Yi is a really solid hunter for Assault with his stun, bounces, knock-up and big area damage ult, you're guaranteed to get frags all the time and win reliably, you just can't go wrong with Hou Yi.


- Chiron is very reliable, this horse has it all, AoE damage that gives CC immunity if cast at the right moment, a good damage dealing ability with your 2, a dash for chasing or escaping and an AMAZING ult for teamfights since there's 1 lane and if the enemies are packed together you can do some burst damage to all of them since your ult goes through enemies, also a wildcard for saving your life.

The Morrigan

- Morri has really stupid range, poke and CC. Her only drawback is YOU, the player!, if you know how to play the gods on your team and/or enemy team you're guaranteed to get shit done and get your team ahead. Better grind those masteries to be a good Morri :).


- Kuzenbo is made to be annoying as hell and he does it perfectly, while also being quite tanky and perfect for setting up or peeling teammates and a really good ult for teamfights. Must have character on your team for sure


- Surprisingly good damage, reduces protections which is HUGE in Assault, a mini Ares ult and also has some decent CC and sustain. Only in this tier because his best abilities are pretty hard to hit or risky.


- REALLY good with his big array of abilities, burst and poke for years, only down in this tier because of high technicality.


- Ult covers the entire map, really high damage if you can land your autos, high range with his 1. Only in S+ because of lack of mobility.

Baba Yaga

- Amazing poke, surprisingly high range, damage and added effect with her 2 potions, a decent escape tool and a really insane ult for securing kills and diving towers.


- Probably one of the safest assassins in Assault, item meta makes it better for him since he can just BURST from a safe distance you can also secure kills really easily with your ult. Play him if you want to just auto-pilot the whole game.


Ra Ra
Poseidon Poseidon
Amaterasu Amaterasu
Camazotz Camazotz
Ganesha Ganesha
Cu Chulainn Cu Chulainn
Hachiman Hachiman
Baron Samedi Baron Samedi
Hera Hera


- It's always good to have a healer on your team, specially this bird right here!. Only suffers from hard to hit damage (compared to the gods above) and anti-heal builds but if you can land your skills you're guaranteed to win your games with Ra.


- Kraken go whoosh, your whirlpool is also a great utility tool for setting up kills, he'd be higher if his damage was easier to hit and hit harder compared to other mages, also doesn't do much without his kraken.


- A hybrid between support and warrior, your aura is quite helpful for giving more movement speed, passive healing and more damage. Great at setting up kills with her ult. Only below the guys above because her damage is not that good and struggles against CC.


- Camazotz is great for Assault since his sustain is really good at bursting too with his array of ranged abilities and ult (which also makes you not take that much damage), not only that but his autos are STUPID and do solid damage. Best if built hybrid tank. Only below the tiers above because of his lack of CC and his reliance on sustain.


- Ganesha's setup and peel is amazing and will net you a bunch of kills for your team, only downside is his high cooldowns and mana consumption.

Cu Chulainn

- Amazing tanking and surprisingly high damage without needing mana, only in S because he lacks CC in human form and must be constantly fighting to get the most out of.


- Hachi excels at poking, securing kills and giving your team some utility, while also consuming virtually no mana. Only in S because he requires some game knowledge to be played properly.

Baron Samedi

- Good poke, okay heal for your teammates, Great teamfight ult (hope you know how to cheese this ult) and baron's brew can help here and there. Downsides are his lack of mobility and his heal gets negated by antiheal WAY too fast.


- INSANE and very underestimated burst, amazing interrupting with her 2 and top notch teamfighting with Argus. Only downside is her abysmal mobility (even with her 3) and the fact that you have to get relatively close to do your damage.


He Bo He Bo
Agni Agni
Thor Thor
Chang'e Chang'e
Ah Muzen Cab Ah Muzen Cab
Ullr Ullr
Osiris Osiris
Cabrakan Cabrakan
Sylvanus Sylvanus
Bellona Bellona
Medusa Medusa
Skadi Skadi
Jing Wei Jing Wei
Susano Susano
Izanami Izanami
Chernobog Chernobog
Jormungandr Jormungandr

He Bo

- Pretty good with consistent damage, poke and enemies just don't take you seriously for whatever reason. Only downsides are your limited range and the fact that your ult will most likely kill you but overall a pretty solid pick to have in Assault.


- Pretty good CC with your fumes and pretty amazing damage + having mobility, Only downside is your lack of range and experienced enemies.


- His stun is super easy to hit and will get your team kills easily, suffers from high technicality and you're most likely going to die if you go in with his ult.


- Chang'e is pretty solid with her healing, CC immune dodge and relatively easy to hit damage with her 1 and ult, only downsides are her short range and average heal.

Ah Muzen Cab

- Poke and poke and poke, that's AMC's specialty after all. Only downside is his bad mobility and lack of teamfighting.


- The best hunter in the game right now but nerfed by the fact that you can't build trans and you have a crazy high mana consumption rate, if you can land your skills consistently Ullr becomes S+ tier but if you don't feel confident with that you can always go auto-attack hunter and just auto-pilot with Ullr, really versatile character to have on your team at the end of the day.


- Osiris is a pain in the ass to deal with and his ult is KEY against stupid healers (make sure to land it tho, you'll notice when you see souls above enemies and shit) since it cancels all healing, also has insane damage for a tank and his passive gives him solid damage mitigation. Only below the guys above because of poor escapes and trouble landing his CC consistently (people break out of his 3 easily).


- Cabrakan or commonly know as CABROKEN, is a pretty annoying guardian to deal with, specially with his stun, tremors and wall (did i mention they do high damage too?), Pretty solid pick to have on your team but only S- because he can be a bit comp reliant.


- Sylvanus' kit is pretty complete, a root, a heal, a pull and a watered down geb ult. Only S- because his kit is a bit inconsistent to hit (specially the pull) and suffers from poor mobility.


- Pretty much like Osiris minus the anti-heal, also better against hunters and melee characters.


- Dusa ult is amazing in Assault since people are too grouped to pay attention and her spit is a great poking tool for the same reason. Only in S- because her damage is not that great at the end of the day outside of her ult.


- Skadi is quite underrated, specially in Assault. If you know what you're doing you can set up some HUGE roots with your dog and brawl people with the dog too. Having one lane also helps her immensely since you're not that susceptible to ganks. Dog can also be used to dive objectives. Only suffers from being a bit unreliable and having trouble with building for a hunter.

Jing Wei

- Jing is amazing in Assault with her stim and your big area abilities for poking. Only drawback is her pretty yucky early game and brawling issues, her passive is also pretty bad for Assault compared to other modes.


- Sus (get it? funny joke xD) is going to be pretty good at setting up kills with his CC while also dishing out good damage. Suffers from being mechanically challenging and not having solid CC immunity but if you can play susano you're guaranteed to destroy with this guy regardless of the mode.


- Iza can hit a bunch of people with her autos since they go through people, relatively good poke, also excels at killing clueless people. Her ult is a bit underwhelming compared to the guys above but in Assault it's actually a great tool to have because there's not a lot of room to move around (you better hit that mf)


- You get an insane stim, you can save yourself from sticky situations by dashing into walls and you have pretty good and reliable poke. Downsides are his high skill ceiling, relatively hard to hit CC with his 1,2 and his ult can be a double-edged sword specially in Assault, you can rotate faster, yes, but if you use it in a bad situation you're forcing yourself into the enemy and pretty much wasting your ult.


- Crazy pressure god. You're going to be tanking and annoying people like no other, you can even tower dive with your ult and secure some kills, you just can't go wrong with this worm.


Hun Batz Hun Batz
Vamana Vamana
Guan Yu Guan Yu
Hercules Hercules
Neith Neith
Aphrodite Aphrodite
Apollo Apollo
Chronos Chronos
Nike Nike
Cernunnos Cernunnos
Achilles Achilles
Set Set
Heimdallr Heimdallr
Danzaburou Danzaburou
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

Hun Batz

- Hun Batz is great when it comes to starting a fight with his ult but he really doesn't have anything else and can get shut down pretty easily if the enemies are smart. If you land your ults consistently Hun Batz is going to be key in every teamfight scenario.


- Vamana is a really solid tank who also has really decent damage and is super annoying to deal with. Suffers from being shut down HEAVILY by anti-heal but it's always nice to have a tank on your team, i'd re-roll if the comp has too many tanks though.

Guan Yu

- You can never go wrong with Guan's heal and his amazing teamfight ult. Downsides are that your heal kinda sucks, you consume a lot of mana and don't do a lot of damage compared to the rest of the tanks in the meta. He's helpful but don't expect Guan to carry you to victory.


- His 1 and 2 are great set-ups for your team and can enable a kill or two, only downside is being a skill reliant character, if you can't lift people up or not use your 1 properly you're gonna grief your teammates and probably be a nuisance instead.


- Neith is good with her weaves, sustain and her root but ultimately suffers from bad late game. If your team can back you up you can get some good results with Neith. Your ult is not that good for killing here because enemies are grouped most of the time. Best built as an auto-attack hunter to secure picks.


- You can never go wrong with a healer and Aphro is pretty good at it! Downsides are you're overshadowed by hel and you consume INSANE amounts of mana, also when your enemies get anti-heal you're pretty much relegated to peeling but overall pretty solid pick to have.


- Pretty balanced hunter overall with the plus of having a kill-securing ult. Not much to say for Apollo really.


- Pretty okay but don't expect to do a lot in the early stages of the game, VERY skill reliant since his damage is not exactly the easiest to land and you need to keep track of your timings, if you get some early picks and land your 3 consistently Chronos is going to single-handedly win the game.


- Nike is alright i guess, she has good supportive abilities and a lot of fighting capabilities, Sadly you're very dependant on your team's willingness to fight and if they'd rather not take many fights, Nike is going to struggle at getting stuff done. Also SUPER comp reliant to get the most out of.


- Cern is pretty solid with his little sustain and utility. but lacks burst compared to other hunters and characters above, his ult while pretty good if you have setup, is still pretty underwhelming. If you're consistent with your autos you can make him work.


- Achilles is very versatile, tanky, and can do a lot of things, biggest problems are his susceptibility to CC, trash early even for assault standarts also his ult is a double edged sword in this mode considering enemies are grouped most of the time and you're at risk of getting blocked or killed if you miss it.


- Amazing poking with his summons and pretty surprising damage with his abilities, Only in A+ because he's highly technical and has to really get in to do burst.


- Crazy auto attack damage and poking with his 1, his passive also benefits from people being together all the time, Sadly he lacks any mobility outside of his 3 which you'll probably be using only to get back into lane quicker after you die, ult is going to net you some kills but can also become a hindrance to your team if not used properly.


- Pretty surprising damage, annoying CC with his jugs and pretty fun ult, suffers from having to get in even for a hunter, and not having a reliable way to kill enemies aside from his autos.


- Gilga is pretty good because his abilities just allow him to survive a lot and chase like no other, his ult covers a great chunk of the map and slows MASSIVELY and roots people wanting to get out at the end of it. Only in A+ because he can't really get many dropkick stuns because of the terrain and not having CC immunity.


Bakasura Bakasura
Fenrir Fenrir
Xbalanque Xbalanque
Tyr Tyr
Ne Zha Ne Zha
Kumbhakarna Kumbhakarna
Janus Janus
Serqet Serqet
Ravana Ravana


- Like Kali but your ult actually helps your teammates a lot with the cripple and the slow!, Eat your minions!.


- Pretty good at CCing, tanking and bringing people to you but there's not a lot you're going to bring to the table aside from that. pretty mid pick tbh.


- Xbal is aight, if you can land your autos and your abilities properly you're sure to win your games. Not a lot to say about X really.


- Very skill and position reliant. If you play behind and don't help your team with your knock-up and warrior potential your team is going to be 4v5 for the entire game, don't be afraid of jumping in with Tyr.

Ne Zha

- Good poking with his ring and a good ult for securing picks. But you're going to kill yourself at the end of the day when engaging an enemy.


- Khumba has good CC with his root and sleep and can separate a specific enemy from a teamfight with his ult but his damage numbers are ABYSMAL and if people play from a distance you're gonna have a hard time landing your CC and most of the time you're going to die trying to start a fight.


- Compared to his best mode (Conquest) Janus in assault has his potential severed and is relegated to be a normal mage that doesn't bring much utility to the table, suffers from having no reliable CC and pretty average early game.


- Are you building Serqet as a tank? A tier. Are you building Serqet as an assassin? D tier. Serqet's 2 is pretty good at peeling for your team and her ult cancels ALL healing and sets up kills for your team. Cripples and CC will be the bane of your existence and getting in is a bit predictable. Only play if you're a master of the god, if not please do your team a favor and re-roll.


- Ravana's kit is good when it comes to teamfighting specially with his 3 and ult but his biggest problem is that he doesn't have good room to chase and will struggle against enemies that love camping under tower, also has no decent poke compared to some characters.


Kali Kali
Freya Freya
Mercury Mercury
Thanatos Thanatos
Chaac Chaac
Nox Nox
King Arthur King Arthur


- If you know what you're doing Kali can be a great character to have, excels at getting picks and people getting away, her passive works great in assault but if the enemy team is smart and shuts you down quick you're gonna have issues and be a third wheel for your team.


- Freya's damage is good and she is relatively easy to play but Freya suffers from HORRIBLE early game and if you get shut down before you come online or don't get ahead soon, you're going to have a really terrible time since you're not going to deal enough damage and have pretty null mobility. On the other hand, if you get online by getting some early picks and winning teamfights you're going to be literally unkillable and you're going to win every 1v1 and beyond. Pretty hit or miss character to have really.


- Merc can be okay if you play it safe and use your ult properly but don't expect to do a lot with Merc in this mode. Best if re-rolled or gets gods with synergy like Cab, Odin or Ares.


- Suffers from the same issues Merc does, Miss a scythe or do a bad ult and you die. Best used to start teamfights instead of executing.


- Really good AoE damage and poke early but you fall off way too fast and become like Sun Wukong at mid-game (read below). Only better than SWK because of his ult.


- Nox damage is hard to land but when it lands it hits REALLY hard. Also make sure you're not using your ult to get snipe kills and instead use it on teamfights so you reduce the damage dealt by enemies. Pretty much overshadowed by the rest of the mages in the game and if your team has more than 1 mage she's better re-rolled.

King Arthur

- Like Tyr but without reliable CC and if your enemies have cripples your life is over.


Bastet Bastet
Loki Loki
Sun Wukong Sun Wukong
Ao Kuang Ao Kuang
Awilix Awilix
Ratatoskr Ratatoskr
Erlang Shen Erlang Shen
Mulan Mulan


- Bastet has a lot of poke with her 2 and her 1 lets her get away from sticky situations and enable some poking too but overall don't expect to do much with her because you lack good CC and are pretty susceptible to stuns and cripples. Suffers from HARD HITTING late game issues.


- Hard time getting in since enemies are around people most of the time but your AoE will help your team on teamfights and clearing, also pretty good for getting picks with his cloak and ult. VERY comp reliant and if not played right is going to make your team be 4v5 for the entire game.

Sun Wukong

- Damage is low and people will know when you go in so they'll just group instinctively and beat the shit out of you. Only works to be a meat shield and nothing else really.

Ao Kuang

- Your only job is to execute people and nothing else, the rest of your kit is useless specially when your enemies are grouped most of the time, you'll probably be killed before you manage to kill someone without your ult. You best hope your team can reliably deal damage or you're not going to exist for the entire game.


- Heavily skill reliant and comp reliant to excel in Assault. If you don't knock-up with your 3 consistently you're going to be a nuisance to your team. Better be safe than sorry and re-roll if you don't get gods with knock-ups on your team.


- Watered down Thor, abysmal damage at a certain point and squishy like no other. His ult is good for enabling some kills but don't expect to do a lot with Rata.

Erlang Shen

- Erlang has some good poking and boxing with his abilities but ultimately suffers from having no CC immunity and your chase is VERY limited in Assault. Lacking burst will also bite you in the ass when it comes to late game. Best re-rolled to be fair.


- Your setup is okay and you can win some matchups but you get interrupted and shut down way too easily, specially with the big wind-up some of your abilities have.


Da Ji Da Ji
Horus Horus
Charybdis Charybdis

Da Ji

- Your ult is good and guaranteed to pick some people up since they don't buy beads but the rest of her kit is guaranteed to get you killed, only in C tier because of her ult.


- Risky peel, risky set-ups, gets shut down really easily in assault, ult is TRASH in assault and makes you a sitting duck. re-roll


- lol


Arachne Arachne
Nemesis Nemesis
Pele Pele


- No way to get in, squishy, potential enemy picks are always around teammates, no reliable escapes. PLEASE RE-ROLL IF YOU GET AN ARACHNE.


- Either goes in, gets a kill or goes in and dies in the stupidest way possible, no in-between. re-roll if you have the chance


- Trash CC, Anti-heal makes your passive nonexistent and going in is guaranteed to get you killed. re-roll her please.

Unranked Champions
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Cliodhna Cliodhna