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Patch 6.3

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The Iced Wastes - NA

"This tier list is my opinion and is subject to change after each patch. It is meant to guide all levels of play that contain knowledgeable players (concerning god abilities). Being that I'm not God himself and lack perfect knowledge, nor have I mastered every god's potential, there is a chance some of the gods are misplaced by 1 tier (up or down), or 2 tiers in rare cases. You'll find that through the mastery of a particular god (or even several), you'll be able to make more sense of the list.

Note: Extremely terrible matchups exist and more commonly, unfavored ones, but this shouldn't be evidence that A+ tier god is actually better than the S- tier god it defeated. Tierlists are a list of the cast's competitive viability, not a descending list of who beats who." - Face


N/A: If there was a god here, there could only be one. That god would win any match up with little to no skill involved.


He Bo He Bo
Vulcan Vulcan
Amaterasu Amaterasu
Ullr Ullr
Bakasura Bakasura
Skadi Skadi

Must Ban: With proper bans, these gods are unstoppable.


Vamana Vamana
Hel Hel
Anhur Anhur
Kali Kali
Bellona Bellona
Hou Yi Hou Yi
Persephone Persephone
Medusa Medusa
Poseidon Poseidon
Chronos Chronos
Set Set
Olorun Olorun
Camazotz Camazotz

Top Bans: These gods do well in all aspects of duel, or exceedingly well in one to mask minor flaws.


Ah Muzen Cab Ah Muzen Cab
Osiris Osiris
Hercules Hercules
Cernunnos Cernunnos
Apollo Apollo
Erlang Shen Erlang Shen
Achilles Achilles
Pele Pele
The Morrigan The Morrigan
Anubis Anubis
Kuzenbo Kuzenbo
Thoth Thoth
Chernobog Chernobog
Hades Hades
Scylla Scylla
Chaac Chaac
Tyr Tyr
Izanami Izanami
Neith Neith
Bastet Bastet
Ne Zha Ne Zha
Cupid Cupid

Strong Characters: These gods are not banned a majority of the time. All of these gods are slightly flawed in one way or another, but nothing bad enough to warrant them being a lower tier. These are good characters to master.


Ra Ra
Sol Sol
Merlin Merlin
Ymir Ymir
Chang'e Chang'e
Cu Chulainn Cu Chulainn
Fenrir Fenrir
Kukulkan Kukulkan
Discordia Discordia
King Arthur King Arthur
Jing Wei Jing Wei
Raijin Raijin
Ravana Ravana
Sun Wukong Sun Wukong
Nemesis Nemesis
Chiron Chiron
Hun Batz Hun Batz
Arachne Arachne
Agni Agni
Susano Susano
Ah Puch Ah Puch
Isis Isis
Freya Freya
Loki Loki
Ao Kuang Ao Kuang
Zhong Kui Zhong Kui
Thor Thor
Thanatos Thanatos
Hachiman Hachiman
Nike Nike
Artemis Artemis
Serqet Serqet
Baron Samedi Baron Samedi
Zeus Zeus

Average Gods: These are the average tier duel gods. These gods have game-throwing flaws (when facing a top god) so they are unable to win consistently.


Rama Rama
Athena Athena
Janus Janus
Horus Horus
Jormungandr Jormungandr
Odin Odin
Yemoja Yemoja
Nox Nox
Nu Wa Nu Wa
Guan Yu Guan Yu
Bacchus Bacchus
Aphrodite Aphrodite
Mercury Mercury
Sobek Sobek
Awilix Awilix
Da Ji Da Ji
Ratatoskr Ratatoskr
Fafnir Fafnir

Below Average Gods: These gods have significant flaws in one of the major parts of duel that can keep them from winning a majority of match ups.

Note: This does not mean that these gods cannot win such match ups, it just means that you should not expect to win if you are not a more skilled player than your opponent.


Sylvanus Sylvanus
Cabrakan Cabrakan
Geb Geb
Terra Terra
Xing Tian Xing Tian
Ganesha Ganesha

The skill difference between players must be significant enough to warrant the play of these gods, and even then, victory isn't guaranteed. Otherwise, these gods are terrible picks.


Kumbhakarna Kumbhakarna
Ares Ares
Cerberus Cerberus

Refer to A-. but with an even larger gap in skill.


Khepri Khepri

Refer to A-. but with an even larger gap in skill.


Xbalanque Xbalanque

You should never expect to win if you are playing this god.

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