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This list is for my own reference. Feel free to use it during your picks/bans.

Gods with cleanse:

Hel -----\

Geb ------> Use one of these gods vs heavy cc teams or Nox

Chiron -/

Notably good comps:


Early clear will be a little weak so instead go for first blood to gain lane dominance. Sobek pluck into Nox combo. Make sure to hold abilities in order to all target the same god and hit them with everything. They will likely beads the first attempt but on the second you should be able to secure the first blood if you pluck the same god and everyone uses all their abilities. From there just keep bullying them and make sure to take all the jungle camps to get ahead. Playing from behind with this comp is not an option. Be aggressive!!! Nox combo is vital so use your combo at close range to ensure you land it. Don't be afraid to dash in to get really close then combo in melee range.

Kumbha-Poseidon-Hou yi

Early on just clear wave and build some items. Hou yi should be focusing on poke dmg while pose clears wave.Your power spike is lvl 9 for Pose who should be building full cool down. Kumbha can get blink to set up the kills for Pose ult by either mezzing or ulting a squishy target. Try to whirlpool under Hou yi ult to help lock enemies down and maximize dmg. Hou yi can also stun enemies that are in whirlpool to help keep them trapped. Using your abilities together is key.


Very tanky early team with high sustain. Ullr can 100-0 squishy gods when he gets ahead so play aggressive early and take all the camps. Your goal is to feed Ullr and get him ahead in gold and levels so he can 1 shot. You need to end the game before the enemy team builds too much anti heal and catches up in levels and items so bully bully bully early and greedily take all jungle camps including their back xp and blue buff. Once you have tower then immediately take bull demon and push phoenix. You need to end the game early.


Strong team through out the entire match. Early, mid and late game. No real weakness here. Discordia taunting 2 enemies into each other while Odin dunks on them is devastating. Odin should have blink to secure his ult on multiple gods. Cupid can't be afraid to dash in to close the distance and ult. Timing on this team is especially important and may be your down fall if everyone isn't ready to attack at the exact same time. Pay attention to each others abilities and cool downs to avoid frustration. "Odin I just got them to taunt each other. Why would you not dunk on them?!" "Sorry bud, Cool downs"


Bully bully bully. Poke poke poke. Win win win. Your big weakness here is healers so ban them. So long as Thoth is smart about using his dash then you should be able to bully your way to victory. Thoth needs to understand that the warriors can't be worried about peeling for him so use that super long range to your advantage and extra long dash to escape if you get in trouble. Warriors work together to bully their back line. Everyone needs to do dmg so no one should be building full tank here.


Anytime you pick a god like Ares that requires them to get beads then you also want another god that requires them to get beads or aegis. Nox could also be used here instead of Scylla to burn beads but lane clear would be a problem and I prefer a mage with heavier 1 shot dmg to really take advantage of Ares ult. Ban gods like Medusa or Anhur that have CC immunity in their ults. They can easily alternate between beads and ulting to nullify Ares and Fenrir ults.


Yemoja Yemoja
Persephone Persephone

Ban them unless you have first pick and want one.


Sobek Sobek

Ban him unless you have first pick and want him.


Aphrodite Aphrodite
Bacchus Bacchus
Ne Zha Ne Zha

Same as before.


Discordia Discordia
He Bo He Bo
Heimdallr Heimdallr
Kumbhakarna Kumbhakarna
Odin Odin
Thoth Thoth
Ullr Ullr

A good pool to pick up your first god. Every one of these gods is strong all on their own regardless of team comp.


Achilles Achilles
Agni Agni
Anhur Anhur
Ares Ares
Chang'e Chang'e
Cupid Cupid
Fenrir Fenrir
Guan Yu Guan Yu
Hera Hera
Hou Yi Hou Yi
Hel Hel
Hercules Hercules
Horus Horus
King Arthur King Arthur
Mulan Mulan
Merlin Merlin
Nike Nike
Nox Nox
Poseidon Poseidon
Rama Rama
Scylla Scylla
Susano Susano
Terra Terra
Thor Thor
Kukulkan Kukulkan
Xing Tian Xing Tian
Vamana Vamana

Most teams will be comprised of these gods.


Ah Muzen Cab Ah Muzen Cab
Anubis Anubis
Amaterasu Amaterasu
Artemis Artemis
Athena Athena
Awilix Awilix
Baba Yaga Baba Yaga
Baron Samedi Baron Samedi
Bastet Bastet
Cabrakan Cabrakan
Chaac Chaac
Chernobog Chernobog
Chronos Chronos
Cu Chulainn Cu Chulainn
Da Ji Da Ji
Freya Freya
Ganesha Ganesha
Geb Geb
Hachiman Hachiman
Hades Hades
Hun Batz Hun Batz
Isis Isis
Izanami Izanami
Jormungandr Jormungandr
Khepri Khepri
Kuzenbo Kuzenbo
Medusa Medusa
Mercury Mercury
Osiris Osiris
Ra Ra
Raijin Raijin
Ravana Ravana
Set Set
Skadi Skadi
Sol Sol
Sun Wukong Sun Wukong
Sylvanus Sylvanus
Thanatos Thanatos
Tyr Tyr
Xbalanque Xbalanque
Zeus Zeus
Zhong Kui Zhong Kui

These gods I think are just average or require the right team around them to flourish. Not bad picks though if you are really good with them.


Apollo Apollo
Arachne Arachne
Artio Artio
Bakasura Bakasura
Bellona Bellona
Camazotz Camazotz
Cerberus Cerberus
Cernunnos Cernunnos
Chiron Chiron
Erlang Shen Erlang Shen
Fafnir Fafnir
Janus Janus
Jing Wei Jing Wei
Kali Kali
The Morrigan The Morrigan
Neith Neith
Nu Wa Nu Wa
Olorun Olorun
Pele Pele
Serqet Serqet
Vulcan Vulcan
Ymir Ymir

You shouldn't really pick these gods unless you main them, they are a direct counter to the enemy comp or they just go really well with your comp.


Ao Kuang Ao Kuang
Nemesis Nemesis
Ratatoskr Ratatoskr

Don't not never pick these gods. There are so many better choices.


Ah Puch Ah Puch

AP is so easily countered. His whole kit is super telegraphed and he has no escape tools. You have to land all 3 abilities at once to get his damage off and then he just sits there waiting for cool downs. Scylla can do just as much damage with her crush alone....


Loki Loki

If you ever play Loki I swear I will to god!!!!!

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