1 year ago
Patch 6.3
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RussianForce - EU

Hi people!
I present to you my version of Nu Wa. I am close to the opinion that, most often, skilled hands, and not an assembly affects the result. I am new to the world of Smythe, so I do not pretend to be a master, and the configuration of my computer does not allow me to play a smooth game, without lags. Therefore, what I imagine here works very well for me, in these conditions. Please, rate my version and if you like it, like it.
If you do not agree, you can contact me for comments in the game.

Your Hel.

Beautiful and mortal.
Build Section
Arena, joust. clash.
Evolved Book of Thoth

Evolved Book of Thoth

Magical Power
Mp 5

PASSIVE - 9% of your Mana from items is converted to Magical Power.

Shoes of Focus

Shoes of Focus

Magical Power
Cooldown Reduction
Movement Speed

Untitled Build