Tuckers XBOX Conquest Tier List
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Author's Notes

Mobility tends to be a trend this season. In most cases low mobility means low tier. As always there will be exceptions but as of right now this is the current standings from my perspective. We will start from the bottom. 

D: AMC while hitting like a truck has low mobility and can easily be blown up by ccing him to death. His ward coverage is great but is easily shut down as long as you kill the hives. As long as you have someone, anyone tanky play with him in team fights then you will be fine. Just get him away from squishies.

C: Bad lane clear practically unusable, might see a tad bit more Chiron with the buff you his ult but until they fix his awkward kit he will most likely stay in that position.

B:Loki lost alot of split push with the change to crusher but can still be used to blow up a mage or an adc but will most likely die in the process leaving you without that extra damage you could get will an extra bruser. Cupid while having mobility and heal lacks so much. He often feels unsafe and tends to only be useful on a very high cc team. Kui while having great team fight potential and can spread the enemy team out. Runs out of fight very fast. He is required to get in close and deal damage to people who are most of the time tanky. He doesn't do good this season because of the fact this is a healing meta much like mid season 3. Nu Wa doesn't offer anything in a team fight really except a kill secure.

A-: Most of the mages here have zero mobility making them unfavorable because they can be dove pretty easily taking them out of the fight. The two junglers in this area have no team fight but do a ton of damage early game, this creates an all in strategy where either you snow ball hard or lose miserably. As for Son Wukong, just avoid the pole and punish him. Ares is only good on high cc teams that can kill beads before he ults or teams that are composed of vegetables.

A: Sticking with the theme that low mobility means low tier, very few gods here have an escape. With the exception of Agni and Raijin the escapes are bad if any at all. Guan Yu while having a good team heal requires the team to back out of a fight to heal up. This can be easily defeated by either having high pressure or high burst. As for the support and assassins in this section share a very common trait which is single target damage. Which is very strong against hyper carry team comps but as of right now just isn't as viable.

A+: Notice almost every god in here has an escape or good mobility with the exception of Zeus. Zeus is the exception because of how potent his ultimate is. His ult will either stop a team fight or end it. If you gank this god you will either kill him or he will kill you. Everyone of the solo laners or supports in the section have huge team fight potential.  we have 3 hyper carries in A+, AO Kuang because he can eat someone is seconds and be back in the team fight taking out someone else. the shear damage that AO does late game will tear apart team comps if not dealt with by buying the right items and shutting him down early by stealing his camps. Kali while she has yet to be seen on the Xbox in season 4 comes online after her second item,  since all the items she builds are cheap....very cheap all but one item is under 2200 gold. Baka is Baka no explanation needed he will most likely get a triple kill or two. Rama has been moved down to A+ tier because he hasnt been making to much of an impact. Most people choose Izanami or Apollo and if the don't they choose a hunter they are more comfortable with. Ymir has moved from S- to A+ because he is to immobile, while kill wall and freeze provide alot for a team fight but if a team can poke him out from far away they will. Bastet moves up to A+ from A because of her early game aggression. This god is no joke, she should be picked into someone like susanoo bc she will constantly poke him out allowing her team to take his farm and start the snowball. Be careful with this god she has alot potential to move up.

S-: We will start with the mages. Freya with the crazy buffs to the items she builds makes her unstoppable, not to mention she has HER OWN life steal item. Now late game she will hit harder and with more attack speed than she had is season 3. Sobec is here because not only be of his potent team fight he is also one of the best solo laners. Thor can break up a team fight and is insanely mobile. Awilix is in a strange place. In most cases team fighting is possibly the most important thing but because Awilix has so much she does so well. High mobility, insanely damage through the entire game, and gank potential is nuts. Not to mention if paired with someone who has a knock up she can pluck a mage or adc out of the safety of their team to change the flow of the entire game. Chang'e recently had a buff to her passive and made her 3 hit harder. she can box more in the solo lane now and crazy good late game where she has always shined. Odin is in my opinion the strangest god to be in this tier, his cage is the only reason he is this high. Most gods in the high tier have to either ult of buy a relic to get them out. He is only this high because he helps counter Sylvanus. Susanoo has been moved up since the original list was made he was moved from A+ to s tier because of the insane mobility and damage this god brings. The pull sets up way to much damage. Tyr moves up to S- at least until he gets his nerf but right now he is sooooooooo good when setting up team fights, zoning , and CC. To put it short he is by far the most annoying solo laner, he does his job very well.

S: Janus has good mobility and hits like a train not to mention he is the SAFEST mage in the game at the moment. Izunami can melt objectives and players, she has an invisibility which is an insane escape. Now two out of the three junglers in this tier have global ults. rat is rat nothing to talk about there but Thanatos is the real mvp. His silence is the bread and butter of his team fighting ability. If he can silence a mage that allows the team to not be scared for a moment and they can delete them. This gods ult also makes him safe and to be feared if at half health or lower. Serqet has recently made an emergence in the competitive scene. This is because of her mobility and the fact the can eat squishies in a second and be gone the next. Her ultimate is the real winner here though. The anti-heal is great for singling out mages or adcs that have a Syvanus to protect them. Fat Loki (Cabrakan) moves up because of his control and burst out of the solo lane. This god is scary at any level and he is not afraid to chase you down with the 40% buff his ability gives him. When facing this god watch out for constant ganks and DO NOT go near his tower. Herc saw some love in his recent buff giving him an instant heal and protections making him almost impossible to kill. This god can litterally go 1v5 with 4 tanks items and leave because of how insane the protections buff is please end the madness.

S+: Apollo....he has a mez, dash, knockup, steroid, and a global ult....why is this a thing. Khepri is here because while he doesnt heal the team he has great wave clear allowing him and the mage to rotate around and get camps while the enemies clear the wave. Khepri's denial of kills is also very huge. Thoth recently recieved a buff that makes him scary to deal with. This stun not only hits for 400-500 damage without polynomicon or soul reaver, it sets up him to do his one combo. He can 100 to 0 ANY god at the moment.

SS: This god either needs to be picked or banned every single game. since Rod of Asclepius received its buff Sylvanus has been an unstoppable healing machine. If this god is on the table and you don't pick him, you deserve to lose the game period.

I will continue to update throughout the season. If you like what i have here please feel free to give me a thumbs up.










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