Arena Tierlist 7-16-17 [W.I.P]
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Author's Notes

Like all tierlists, this is biased. I am going to make this tierlist in viewpoint from my most played gods. Chang'e, Awilix, Aphrodite, Serqet, Nox, Loki, Neith, and Kumbhakarna. Completely biased. Thought I'd make one. I really play mostly mages, and few of the other roles. Of course, some gods are fit to counter others. For example, Chang'e is a really good counter to Agni. A Chang'e in turn could be countered by a focusing Ah Puch, who in turn could be countered by a targeting, high-mobility assassin.

I'll try to explain why each God is placed where they are, mainly by pros and cons.

* I did not rank Ullr because I think that his performance is based almost solely on the player's ability to use him effectively, while I think that all other gods can be played to at least some decent level of competency and effectiveness without extreme ability.

SS Tier: I am saving SS Tier for usually those maybe new, over-the-top, overpowered Gods who by no doubt need to be nerfed.

S+ Tier: "Top Picks Tier"

Ah Puch - I think Ah Puch has generally been known to perform well in Arena and Clash (mainly the latter) due to being able to spam abilities, being close to teammates and base, as well as general natural map protection. He can "chase" players and secure kills without really chasing them. His kit is very synergistic with itself and with other players; He's very compatible, and with the combos and a damage oriented build, can make his way to Top Player Damage fairly quickly. A small downside would be his lack of escape, a common disadvantage, but with good teammates and smart engaging, this may not be a problem. Though I must say, he does not have an actual escape ability, but his abilities in nature and damage may be enough to deter the enemy. (a.k.a his 2 or his ult).

Kali - Kali, in my opinion, has been known to be probably the tankiest of all assassins, lending that to her ult. Her stun is one second, but it feels like an eternity due to how much damage she can put out. I don't know Kali too well as I don't play her, (which could probably be why I think she's so hard to fight) but she is hard for me to fight. She can initiate well, is one of those "in your face" assassins, and can enter a team fight and stay in that team fight. A downside would be ineffectiveness. It's not the easiest thing to feed with her, but it is possible. One of her cons would be that an inexperienced player of Kali can not be as effective as desired and would not contribute much, or just have a short negative KDR.

Odin - I've always thought of Odin as a guardian, but y'know, guess he's not. In my experience fighting and playing him, he's generally tanky (but not as naturally tanky like Erlang Shen, or Guan Yu) and has an ability shield which improves his sustain. Of course, his main damage (in Arena, probably his only damage) comes from his burst combo. It's damage is insane. He has three initiating abilities, all which are also escape abilities. His 3 could be, too. It slows. His 1 is a leap (escape). His 2 is a health shield (sustain-escape). And his Ult is CC. (indirect escape). All of these things make him a very powerful warrior high in power, defense, and utility.

Ares - Always a dominating force on the battlefield, Ares is able to gain high levels of defense and power, but unlike Odin, lack in escape. The thing is, he doesn't really need escape. When he initiates, usually one of three things happens: 1) If boxing, he kills the enemy. 2) In a team-fight, he or allies kill the enemy. 3) The enemy retreats. In only extreme circumstances such as a poorly performing Ares, will he die. Such example of a poor performing Ares is diving too deep, especially alone, which I see a lot. This could make Ares come off as not too good, and that his Ult is the only means of team utility. It's not. His cc works in a way that if your teammates follow Ares' crowd control, your team will devour enemies fairly quickly, because his 1 cripples, which I view as more powerful than other soft crowd control abilities such as Sun Wukong's slow, Terra's root, and Bacchus' disorient, and his Ult is generally considered a very desirable one among team compositions. Like almost all Gods, if the player and his team is competent, he is able to perform very well. A downside would be his Ult can be misused, (a non-communicative Ares) and also countered, for example if the enemy team anticipates it, and an enemy God with high area CC or damage acts directly. (Such as Nox's Silence, she can use it right beneath the Ares.)

S Tier: "Every Arena Team Should Want One Tier"

Loki - Nobody really likes Loki except for the people who play him. Loki isn't necessarily overpowered. He is just a underestimated force on the battlefield, which in Arena, people tend to have a lack of map awareness and God coordination, which allows for Loki to feed. You don't even need wards in Arena, just keep your eye on him, and you'll be able to anticipate his attacks. I place him high on here because it is easy to focus on squishy gods who don't have escapes. He deals a lot of damage in just a second or two, and has stealth. His ult is a teleport. (Honestly, I think the only "nerf" Loki needs is to make his Ult only usable on a God. a.k.a he can't use his ult to escape unless he lands it on a God. Hence the name "Assassinate". Why would you assassinate the air?) Also, paired with his passive he can dish out a lot more damage than people realize, and with blood forge he can get kill chains.

Aphrodite - I am really biased on this. In Arena, (I can't say for other game modes) I consider myself to be a very good Aphrodite. My KDR isn't the best, but I don't feed, and I focus on saving peoples butts and keeping them on the battlefield as long as possible to push enemy lines and harass the enemy team. With another tanky god, she can help front line and initiate. Aphrodite's Ult is a lifesaver, her 3 needs to be used as soon as possible when you are trying to save someone. My minion/player damage tends to be low because most of the time I do not have time to "aim" my heal. I just use it at the air if it's an emergency situation. This may cause my stats to be lower than desirable, but my "saved your butt" score would be extremely high. Doing this will help keep your team death count low, and actually improve your allies' stats by keeping them on the battlefield for a longer time. Build CDR first, then go into damage. This allows Aphrodite to follow allies into fights and stay there without being cut out of the fight because she can save others but can't save herself. A downside would be that inexperienced players with Aphrodite will fall short. It requires a lot of map awareness and quick reflexes to play her well, and many Aphrodite's tend to neglect anyone behind her, and will develop this "tunnel vision". I do remember one time I got 35,000-ish heal in one Arena match. Recently, I haven't been able to surpass 20,000. Still working on finding a solution to that - it could be due to a shift in Gods and items.If you have an experience Aphrodite player, you'll want her, especially if you have a front-liner. Maybe not so if they are not experienced. Aphrodite cannot front line by herself.

S- Tier: "High Performance Picks"

Bacchus - Before Ganesha, I would have ranked Bacchus at S, but because of his "burp stun" being able to be countered now the God of Success, I have to place him lower. In addition, experienced players with stuns who focus Bacchus can counter his go-to cc, such as Aphrodite's kiss, Isis' or Nox's silence, and Vamana's knock-up. He has great damage without sacrificing defense, and has a reliable escape, paired with his heavy, cc-ish ult. He can initiate on call, and can secure kills while being able to escape after.

Cernunnos - Personally, I wouldn't play him. I hate playing Gods with abilities that "shift". Not necessarily a stance change, but I'm talking about Cernunnos' 1 and Chronos' "clock". But the reason why I put him so high is due to his high affinity to be called a "natural hunter". He has an amazing clear, with sustain (similar to Neith) and has an AOE CC that serves well to finish enemies and also acts to de-initiate advances by the enemy team. His dash is extremely fast, and if you farm experience you can begin to surmount in power and just get kills insanely late game, like Xbalanque. An immediate downside I see is his stealing waves from other Gods who may need it. I need to study him more and his tier ranking may shift, but in terms of fighting him or having him on your team, if you know how to use him somewhat properly, you can perform well, sometimes without relation to your team. He does not seem to require a lot of team help. Also, similar to many other AA-based gods, without a good foundation in kills, it is possible to be ineffective or fall of mid-late game.

A+ Tier: "Arena Staples Tier"

Kukulkan - Kukulkan is an Arena Staple - he performs generally well in Arena due to his kit having a natural affinity for defending the portal, pushing waves, and dealing DoT damage.He has great AOE damage and decent waveclear. I say decent because his waveclear is also his main damaging ability, and early-mid game you must choose whether to attack minions or enemies, because they are not always together. His escape is weak, and his ult is predictable. The latter isn't always a problem with CC or if you are playing against incompetent and/or unaware enemies.

Freya - I've recently seen a decline in Freya plays, this is most likely due to a shift in items and Gods. However, I still think she is very much viable. She has amazing poke burst damage, great boxing ability with control and utility, and has abilities that can give her some time to escape if needed. There's a reason why she's the most sought after God for attaining Penta-kills.

A Tier: "On The Fence Tier"

* These gods have a chance of being really good, or less than desirable. Most of the time, they won't carry, but they can help a team member carry. They tend to be high in damage, like Zeus.

Serqet - Serqet did have a surge of prominence around the 4.7 patch in Arena, but since her nerf in 4.8, she's fallen off as a common-pick assassin. I think that she can perform generally okay, which is reasoning for her A tier ranking. She is a very independent God that can go unnoticed on the battlefield if not aggressive, but at the same time, an aggressive and inexperienced Serqet, or one who is focused, will perform poorly. It is also very easy to "waste" her abilities. Even with two escapes, it is not uncommon to find a Serqet defenseless in Arena due to this.

Thanatos - Thanatos is pretty good, he can carry a team but requires constant team aggression and needs to build up power early game, or he will fall off in Arena. He can take down enemies early game, so that is a good attribute. His sustain and poke game is strong, as well as having some initiation and execute make him powerful. I placed him low because he is an unstable god. Not in terms of "overpowered" or "underpowered" but in the sense of his abilities. With a good foundation in early-mid game, he can dominate the battlefield, but inexperienced players will either end up going 1:1 (every kill, he dies) or a negative KDR. They tend to be heavy feeders in the latter, and because Thanatos is a "carry or fail" kind of God, I hesitated to place him in A+.

A- Tier: "Decent Picks Tier"

Awilix - I love Awilix! I her to Rank X from Arena alone. On my way there, I found her to be really good. I'd rush crit items and just dive into enemy frontlines and rack up on kills. My KDR would most of the time be positive, but I usually went 1:1 (every kill, I died.) Recently, I've actually found Awilix to fall short in many situations. I really do blame this on the shift of items and Gods. Mostly Gods. Now, almost everything counters her, and in order for her to perform well she would have to be going against a scatterbrained, unorganized enemy team. Without crit or pen, she will get blown in team fights, or will be picked up by Crowd Control and destroyed. Her escape (Suku) needs a "charge" or "buildup" and you can't use relics while mounting, and unless you have an enemy who has a leap or jump or an ally who can make them airborne, it will be very scarcely that you use your ult effectively. However, with an experienced Awilix, you can pull off some stealthy backhanded assaults, such as "phantom feather step". This is when you hit an enemy, and use your feather step ability through a wall, never really making contact with the enemy. another thing is pulling the enemy through walls or into base with your ult. Without these tricks along with her extended AA range, she might have been placed lower.

Sun Wukong - Tries to tank and fails. Before Season 4, in Arena he was really good at just being in enemy lines like Hercules, but there has been so much shifting with Gods and items that he just runs around aimlessly like a chicken with his head cut off, occasionally just knocking up people and stealing minion waves. A good thing about him is his secure. His 1 + 3 are good for kill stealing or chasing enemies.

B Tier: "Undesired Tier"

Amaterasu - Kind of like the female version of Vamana. She has great mobility with high scaling on ability damage, has chase potential, and long-time CC immunity with her Ult. She's not tanky, but can make narrow escapes due to the way her kit functions, similar to Athena. However, those don't outweigh the cons. She's bad early game, will get eaten up if she dives too deep without cover from teammates, her cooldowns are too long for Arena's mid-late game, she's mana hungry, and has really poor crowd control. Her auras are often misused or not used to their full potential, waveclearing is necessary but at the same time will eat up her mana and put her on long cooldowns. I see Amaterasu as too risky - her early game gets in the way of her shining late game, at least in Arena, the way it's functioned.

Vamana - As much as I love Vamana, I think he's just lacking in both power and defense. He really only has speed and a knockup. His Ult is at its best late game, and requires a proper build. His passive makes a player want to build defense, but will eventually just fall short in power, and those defense items tend to not lock in well with his abilities. His Ult is AA-based, and his abilities deal more damage overall than his AA, so what to build? Defense? Power? AA? Ability Power? I think Vamana is pulled in so many different directions, and on top of that, requires a lot of kills (kill-stealing) to gain prominence on the battlefield, (How I also feel about Chang'e) and I don't think Vamana can put those kills to the best use. It will cause your allies to pull the short straw, so although you may have a good KDR, you may end up losing.

C Tier: No, Thanks. Tier"

Anhur - Personally, in Arena, I have almost never seen an Anhur that was "annoying". The one time I fought an Anhur that completely dominated the battlefield was Rank X with many stars and was queued with a group, possibly having voice chat. He never really seems to be a problem, at least not with the Gods I play.  In terms of having him on my team, I don't pay much attention to Anhur. I think he's just there.

Ne Zha - Ne Zha would have been one of my favorite assassins if they did not change his grab. It used to be immediate, but now there is a delay. That really ruined it for me in terms of playing him. As far as fighting him goes, it requires a really, really good Ne Zha to even be of concern to me. I usually just move over in the opposite direction a little bit, and boom - no longer a problem. To me, at least. One thing I will say though is that his Ult is underestimated. It can deal a hefty amount of damage. Otherwise, just meh.



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