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** Recent changes :

- Moving Terra to S+ : damage are not enough to be in the same category as guan or bacchus.

- Moving Nike to B : her 1 is her only hard CC and main damge source. It can be too easily interrupted.

This tierlist concerns support role in ranked (or causal) conquest.

It takes into account the fact that you are not a "5v5 premade", so communication is kinda missing.

Low level means you play with lower ranked mates : you checked their level on smite.guru, and they are in a lower division. Even the top ELO is not really higher than you. 

Example : you are Plat 5. you play with Plat 3 (top ELO), Gold 4, Gold 5 and Silver 2 => Low level players.

It means :

- You can expect from them, at almost any level, to follow an obvious set up : a sobek pluck , an ares ult, an herc pull

- You can't rely on their objective focus : if you are tanking the phoenix, expect to tank it longer than you thought

- You can't rely on their positionning : they know you are Geb, so they can engage an unexcpeted teamfight (1v3) because they think you can save them from any (impossible) situations

Criterias' order taken into account in this case :

1- Tankiness

2- Ability to set up

3- Burst Damage

4- Ability to prevent a set up/protect your mates

This is why some less conventional supports with high damage/set up ( swk, herc, thor ...) are higher than defensive/utility orientated supports (geb/kephri).

Every D gods are "troll supp". Many players troll because they are supp and they don't want to be, so at least they know what a troll supp is. And every god not mentionned in this list are "very high" troll supps.











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