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This may be less accurate due to no recent spl play (worlds soon :D) and no youtubers making tierlists... like... at all... so yeah.

Gods you might wonder about my ranking:

Erlang Shen: The nerf of spot weakness is made redundant by the mink buff.

Sylvanus: Too tanky and heals too much to be killed.

Osiris: He can be extremely good. Just a bit underplayed.

Hou Yi: The buff to his ult alone was strong.

Chaac: When in the right hands, he does the job of being annoying extremely well.

Xbalanque: He's not even bad. Same story as Osiris, he's underplayed for no reason.

Ymir: The rise of Ymir solo ;-;

AMC: He isn't as killable and does stupid damage.

Ravana: Not as strong as he used to be...

Izanami: Impossible to play from behind, and at times can even be easy to kill.

Kali: The only one that could be higher but I just don't have the evidence.

Skadi: Not a conquest god. Dies easily, Kaldr is so easily countered. She's also just adc loki in that her use is just to split push...

(I'm going to get the word out, me and a friend have been testing, SYLVANUS AMC LANE IS UNBEATABLE!)











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