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List of the most cancerous gods I played against. This is just my opinion, and also this tierlist is for casual play, specially Normal:Joust. Some gods might be lower than expected because I didn't really played so much against them or they didn't pissed me of so much.  Now, a quick description:

SS: Only 2 gods are here, Loki is just the cunt of the game and ah puch has the fucking easiest thom hit abilitym which does half of your HP and everytime i played against him I get PISSED hard AF when the players are so dumb thinking that they are skillful because they can hit his shitty corpses.

S+ and S: All of those gods can easily make you to rage, because they either don't take enough skill for how much they offer or they are just made to be annoying so more people will have a good reason to uninstall Smite.

S- and A+: Not always cancerous, but they can be as irritating as the ones is SS, S+ and S in the right hands.

A: Usually they are not annoying, at least for me.

A-: I never really played against  a good Chiron, I mean, I only meet this guy like twice a month so he didn't had enough time to piss me off, but I guess in the right hands he can bring some Cancer, right?











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