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This tierlist deviates slightly from standard ones in that it only shows mages, hunters and guardians (with a few warriors and assassins the role of which will be specified below) so that the best of each role can be seen clearly.  However, I suggest you also use a full tierlist if looking to compare a specific god to others of different roles.

This means that tiers are in order by role (e.g. Hou Yi is not necessarily better than Fafnir).

This also means that each role is considered separately, so this spreads the gods out rather than having most of each role filling the upper tiers. However do not get confused by this, in a full tierlist Athena is usually ranked higher than Isis but they are in the same tier here.

In joust most gods are viable, it all depends on your composition, so knowledge of matchups is recommended rather than blindly picking from a tierlist, all this tierlist tells you is which god is better than another in a given role based on the merits/faults of that god in that role and they are placed according to the specification below.

Note: I do not suggest that you ban hunters (or first pick them).

Note 2: Gods are in order for their role, so for example I consider Hou Yi to be stronger than Cupid.

S      The best of that role and first pick/ban material.

S -   The gods that are still extremely strong and are still important for picking/banning.

A+  The gods that can compete with those above, but  don't bring quite as much.

A     The gods which are not quite as important and wont bring much to most compositions but are still strong picks in their own right.

A-   The gods which  don't bring that much outside of specific counter play and the gods above can do the same thing but better.

B     The gods which are significantly weaker than all above and the composition would have to be formed around them.

C     The gods which should not be picked unless for very specific counter play because they have nothing going for them and require         masterful execution to be useful.

Odin - Joins the guardians  in the supportive role.

Awilix - Joins the hunters in the carry role (can replace guardian but this is not recommended).

Kali - Joins the hunters in the carry role.











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