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This ranked joust tierlist was built on a good tierlist I found from 3.8. Since then, I have been updating this tierlist to reflect god balance changes, meta shifts, and my experience as a Gold S3 console joust player. Joust tiers mean a little different things from what they mean in a normal tierlist. Because of this, the bulk of my tierlist resides in A tier.

If you are new to ranked joust, it is worth mentioning that team comp is very important. Typically, a joust team comp involves a magical carry, a physical carry, and a support. This usually means hunter, mage, and guardian.  Warriors can function in place of guardians. Assassins can be used in place of either the hunter or the guardian, with AA assassins functioning as better physical carries and ability based assassins used as supports. The top hunters will have wave clear, tower burn, and CC (Hou Yi, Neith, Medusa, Artemis). The top guardians will have damage and CC (Bacchus, Kumbhakarna, Cabrakan, Fafnir). Top mages will have wave clear, burst, and CC (Nox, Scylla, Chronos) but sustain is always viable (Chang'e). Warriors are strong picks but rarely have it all, the top warriors will have damage (Odin), Sustain (Chaac), or CC (Ravana). Assassins are risky picks as assassin carries struggle with wave clear and assassin supports sacrifice tankiness for extra damage,  some assassins (Awilix) are flexible enough to work in either role.

SS tier - SS gods would be first priority for any team comp, to the point where you would only pick a different god from this role if the SS god was picked or banned. This is sort of my sacred tier and not even Bacchus in his prime (in my ranked games, he had >90% P/B rate with a >80% win rate) graced its halls.

S+ tier - These are gods that can be played in any comp, and are typically the first gods in their role to be banned and picked each game. S+ gods are in the meta, often find success, and have a little something extra to tip the scales in their favor.

S tier - The top meta group, these are the backbone of the joust team comp. S gods are prevalent in picks and bans and are successful against most enemy comps. You typically want your first two picks to come from S tier or higher.

S- tier - High in the meta but lacking something. S- gods are more situational than S gods because they have less control, are more comp specific, or are more easily countered.

A+ tier - A+ gods are fringe meta gods, usually these gods are on their way out of or into the meta. These gods are strong picks but rely on either your comp or the enemy comp to find success.

A tier - Your basic point of balance. In the right hands or the right comp, these gods can be successful. These gods won't be banned and will rarely be picked.

A- tier - These gods are close to the point of balance of the A tier but have something holding them back. These are risky picks, but could easily be effective if shown some love by HiRez.

B tier - These gods are at a strong disadvantage in a ranked joust setting.

C tier - These gods are at a severe disadvantage in joust.

D tier - I haven't touched D tier and neither should you.











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