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Tier list mainly based from what gods are most reliable in team compositions, whose kits can work well with and benefit each other, with a little bit of influence from what gods have been picked in the SPL and played well with.  S+  Gods meet standards of being very beneficial in Team fights, and can dominate in their respective roles,  the go-to picks of most team comps. S gods are gods who can also be very beneficial in team fights, and some have a good global presence (Such as Athena and Janus with their ultimate's) but were a little shy of being placed in S+. S- gods are nonetheless some go-to picks Such as the S+ and S tier gods, but have some slight issues which kept them from being placed higher. A+, A, and A- ranked gods can be very well played, so long as they don't get outplayed and under leveled by their respective counterparts, but if they do get under leveled, the come back can be very difficult to accomplish. B, C, and D ranked gods  really should not be played, as they don't meet the same standards as other gods higher on the tier list, and while some of them can be played very well and dominate their role, It would be very unlikely for them to reach that standard. and many of them tend to fall off late game, can be picked off very quickly in team fights or little jungle fights due to little mobility, and are not very beneficial in team fights.











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