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Note: All gods in smite can be played very well, some people can make a C tier god look like and S class god. The reason tier list exist is because some gods just have more effective kits and people want to share there opinions on what gods they think are the best. Thanks for checking this out and let me know what you think.

S+ - Top gods that should should be trying to have on your team. All have good all around kits can can carry a team.

S - First picks in many matches. What makes this group good is they all have mobility and have CC for team fights. Also their ults can change the course of a team fight

S- - These gods are always strong picks. Kuku and Janus Have great mobility for rotations. Freya and Rama are strong ADC's and have great ults. Erlang makes his way here because his ult can heal him for a second round of fighting.

A+ - Overall great gods to use and each have their own strengths. All have their own pros which make them gods to use for counter picking.

A - These gods are kinda like the A+ class but their ults aren't that strong and kits aren't as effective in the current meta. There are just better picks that you can play. Definitely can make them work but they are a little more situational

A- - These gods have fallen off/ are really situational. You need a team built around these to use them at their maximum effectiveness.

B - This is the tier where playing these gods could be a risk to game outcome. They can be easily countered and are weak.

C - These gods simply have issues keeping up. They just arent the best picks

D- Dont have a place on the meta. For AMC there are just alot of better ADC gods. Loki has no team fight which makes it a 4v5 because all he does is split push.











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