Tresca's 3.18 Tierlist

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Tierlist Key:

SS: Broken Gods

S+: Overpowered - Best Gods

S: Very Strong Gods - First Pick or Banned

S-: Strong Gods - Sometimes Banned - Top Picks

A+: Good Picks To Complete Comps - Build Synergy

A: Picks Into Certain Match Ups - Not Usually Picked

A-: Not in Meta - Can Work For The Right Players

B: Awful - Out of Meta - Don't Use

C: Terrible - Will Get Trashed

D: Broken Level Bad - Don't Pick Under Any Situation

Amaterasu: Bad early game. Great early camp clear with Jungler. Amazing teamfight phase

Chaac: Undervalued, I think he'll get more play in the SPL

Guan Yu: Great fighting in lane, disengaging, healing, then reengaging. Works great with Sol. Be aggressive

Izanami: A Tier - Needs buff on 3. Feels weird. Can work well in the right hands.

Neith: Safe play, strong global ult but not a power pick. 

Rama: Ahead of Neith for duo but not banned often

Sol: Undervalued in duo. Great with physical support. Good clear + damage. Good objective damage, good lane pressure. Decent team fight. Decent sustain

Terra: A+ Tier - Good Controlled, commonly used in SPL. Just got slightly nerfed

Ullr: Basic Attack Hunters are currently better - Shy away from Ability based Hunters. Also, very early game Hunter. Weak late











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