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Ranked: Joust (3v3)

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Joust is all about 3 man team comp and single lane pushing.

Getting with people that have similar play styles as you is important. If you are aggressive and your team mate is conservative it will be all bad. You will die and he will talk trash about how you died ignoring the fact that he didn't help at all.

GET ON CURSE! Communication is key. VGS is great but doesn't provide enough info. If you are solo queuing and not on curse you are dead wrong. Why even play ranked? 

MASTER THE GODS! You can only pick gods that you have mastered. Sometimes it is necessary to grab a god for someone else before they get picked or banned by the other team. You can't do this if you don't have them mastered. Don't be that guy. "Sorry I don't have the #1 picked/banned god that just happened to slip through initial bans mastered." 

USE YOUR ULTIMATE ABILITY!!!! If you are one of those players that saves your ultimate to kill secure then you are dead wrong. They can be used to set up kills too. In fact most of the time they should be used to set up kills rather than used to secure them. If your whole team dies and you are still sitting on an ult because you didn't see an opportune time to use it you will have a very upset team. Don't be a ult saver. 

Picks/Bans Tips:

-It's usually a bad idea to use a god you are not skilled with even if that god is the best option.

-Bans make and break games. Pay attention to what they are picking and banning so you can counter pick and counter ban.

-Most hunters are good picks so don't use your first 2 bans on them. Instead ban out mages and guardians.

-If you want an ability based assassin it is usually best to pick up an adc mage like Chronos or Freya. God kills are great but objective kills win games.

Early game tips:

-Fighting over the power buff is important but if your team is at the disadvantage then it is not worth it. Don't die for it. Let them have it.  Do however feel free to poke at them while they take it. They must pay in blood and you want to bully them a bit. Make them come back to lane a little low on hp.

-Alternatively if you do not want to fight over the red buff you can start off at THEIR blue buff instead. Steal it and let your tank get it. Then head to lane and clear the minion wave. After a wave or two you can get your own blue buff. (let the mage have this one obviously)

-If you know their blue buff is up then try to steal it if at all practical. Wait for them to be low on hp or back or if you have an ability that goes through walls you can just try to time it well to steal it while they are getting it. Share it with your tank and let your mage get your blue buff. Getting all 3 buffs is major in the early game and gets you to lvl 5 quickly.

-When tanking please don't get over zealous and start attacking them while the minion wave is full. Early on you don't have the protections to keep you alive should all 3 of their gods attack you and all 6 minions. Play smart and wait for them to use abilities or for the minion wave to be mostly cleared.

-If they have  really strong early game god then it is usually a good idea to poke that guy into backing. This takes away their early lane clear and gives you lane superiority. Bully bully bully. The more they back the less gold and xp they get.

-Getting a kill is great but if you die too then you give them a kill plus 2 assists. Don't not never die for nothin ever!

Mid/Late game tips:

-Mid/Late game usually surrounds the minotaur. 

-Once you take out their tower then your focus should shift towards the Minotaur. Getting him down gives you a buff and turns their phoenix off.

-One of the best strategies for this, besides getting a deicide is to poke them into backing and then rush over to the minotaur. Feel free to use an ult or two just to poke them down. You don't need to kill them just take away their willingness to fight you over the minotaur.

- Make sure you have SENTRY wards up and leave a look out. Your adc should have no problem taking him down with help from your supp or mage while the other keeps a look out and buys time if needed. 

-Be aware of being baited into defending the minotaur. Many times people will pretend to go for the minotaur just to get you to rush in to defend it or steal it. The lane into the minotaur is very narrow and hazardous. Don't get caught in the fatal funnel.

-Try using the minotaur as a shield when in a tight spot. If they hit him instead of you then he will attack them and ignore you. Serving as both a shield and a source of damage to them.

Tier List:

SS= Super OP

Suggested God counters   

S+= The strongest gods for jousting that see a lot of bans and picks.

Suggested God counters   Bacchus<Ban him.....Hou yi<Awilix.....Raijin<Agni.....Susano<Nox/Ares

S=The difference between S and S+ is slim. These gods are still very strong and in the right hands can outplay S+.

Suggested God counter   Nox<Geb/Hel/Chiron.....Ares<Cabraken.....Skadi<Kumbha.....Kumbha<???....He Bo<Healers.....Kali<Khepri/Stuns/Mantle of discord

S-= Most picks/bans should come from this group and up. But don't be afraid to pick up an A+ or A if they make more sense.

Suggested God counters   Chronos<Burst dmg.....Freya<KuKu.....Zues<Aphro/Healers.....Odin<Nox/Phantom relic.....Cabraken<Aphro/Ymir/Anhur

A+=Getting into more balanced gods for Joust. These gods are still strong picks.

A= The most balanced gods for jousting. Pick these gods if you are skilled with them and better gods are banned.

A-= Slightly below balance but can still do decent in the right team comp or with great skill.

B & C= Just don't bother unless they are your favorite and you have a 3 man team that is ok with it.

Good team comp examples:

   Fafnir/Chang'e/Neith  <<<< My Favorite (Fafnir ult with Chang'e ult or Neith 1 to lock them in)

    Ares/Nox/Skadi  (Need more beads!!!)

    Odin/Cupid/Zues (This comp lacks cc so be careful. Zues is vulnerable.)

    Kumbha/Hou Yi/Raijin  (CC chain off the hook)

    Cabraken/Scylla/Artemis  (CC chain= easy Scylla ult)

    Ymir/Anhur/He Bo  (Ymir wall into Anhur impale)

    Athena/Medusa/KuKu  (Athena pull into Medusa or Kuku ult)

    Sobek/Awilix/Freya  (Sobek pluck into Awilix ult)

    Ares/Chronos/Thor (More CC chains)

MM and ranking up:

If you want to get above gold ranking you will need a group.

If you don't group up with good players you will get a lot of bad players that have no clue what they are doing and will drag you down while bad mouthing you.

Once you have successfully been dragged down it is very difficult to recover. The system gives you a bad ELO and so it will continually put you with like ELO players.

If you start to rise up above a rank that the MM thinks you are suppose to be in then the mm will stack the odds against you so that you have a hard time winning. It does this by putting higher ELO players on the other team and lesser ELO players on your team. You will know when this is happening when you are the top player on your team every match and you gain very little TP for winning while losing a lot of TP for defeats. I.E. 6 TP gain and 16 TP loss.


*KALI IS "S-"    

*With the season ending I am pretty confident in this list as it is. 

See you guys in season 4!!!











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