Joust: 3v3 Tierlist

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-under construction-

Collab between GandalfTheOrange and ImAeternalis. Almost 4 thousand matches between the two.

Will be under the hood of the 3v3 guide.

Again, tierlist isn't finished, but certainly can be applied to play and drafting.

For the game mode ONLY.


SS - A completely broken god that can be put into any team. This god is almost always an automatic win if picked.

S+ - Valued picks that should be feared. Due to the nature of they top 2 being banned every game, these should be priority picks.

S - Powerful gods without counters or counterplay techniques.

S- - Powerful gods with a small amount of counterplay techniques. Usually gain this spot out of necessity because of the character's nature.

A+ - Chracters that are mostly balanced in 3v3 and can do very well if not countered. Most picks here are worthless against higher tiers.

A - Pinnacle of balance in joust.

A- - Below the point of balance. Little or no combo potential.

B - Gods that simply do nothing against the higher picks of 3v3. Very rarely a benefit to their team.

C - Gods that have very little CC and combo potential. These gods should only be picked as counterpicks against poor picks in the enemy's draft.

D - Completely and utterly useless gods that cannot fit into any team comp and should be considered an empty slot on any team.











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