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Published on 2016-02-12 01:57:26

God Builds

We have launched an all new build system that makes it fast and easy to get your favorite builds out to the community. Once your build is submitted, the community can rate the guides based on how helpful they found the build to be.

To submit a build, follow these steps;

  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click God Builds on the left
  • Click the God your build is for
  • On the right under the "Switch God" drop down, click "Submit a Build"

Once there you can give a brief summary of what your build is best for. Is it best for mid lane, perhaps solo lane? Is it a counter build for a certain God? The summary will get your main point across to the viewer. After that, you simply search the items you build on the God and follow that with the skill leveling order.

God Build Contest

We will be giving SmiteGuru in-game icons for all regions to people who create a guide that receives at least 25 upvotes and a 50% approval rating. Don't have a build that you want to submit? No worries! Anyone who votes on a build has a chance of winning an icon code as well. The contest will be going for the next 30 days so don't miss your chance!

Become One of Us

We're currently looking for a few people to submit and manage general meta builds. This goes for all current builds that are continously being built for the same God. If you're interested in helping out, please submit a quality build and e-mail us at with a link and we'll have a look!

Season 3

There have been lots of changes made by HiRez, including API changes, that were recently buggy on the website but should be working now. If you run into an error or something you believe is incorrect, please submit a report to and we'll get to fixing it.

Tierlist & Build Guide Rating

We have changed and expanded the ranking system so that newly submitted lists or guides will get viewed while still being able to search for the best ones.

Last but not least - we are having an icon giveaway (for all regions) over at so make sure to head on over and enter to win those flashy icons!

We thank you all for your continued support and can't wait to hear your feedback.