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Published on 2015-08-24 04:01:40

New look and new backend!

Welcome to the new SmiteGuru. This update was about 4 months in the making. Everything you are seeing and accessing on the new site has been completely rewritten and refined. There is no original code left from the website you were accessing just yesterday.


Why make such drastic changes?

While the concept of most of the pages are the same a lot of them have evolved since they were first created and our dated backend systems were getting harder and harder to maintain and add new features. The new system is much more flexible and powerful letting us update and add new features easily as well as keep them updated. With the new backend the same it was only natural to give the site a visual update as well and clean a few things up. We've always wanted to keep the site as clean and make sure you guys can navigate the pages with ease.


Issues and missing pages

Since this is a complete rewrite and one of the most massive updates/changes we have made to the site it doesn't come without bugs and problems. Please bear with us and give us a little time to fix issues that are going to come up during this update process. Most of the site should be accessible and working but you may stumble on some issues, when you do feel free to send me an email at: and I'll try and get it fixed ASAP.


New features

Most of the pages have some new features and information on them, I'll leave that to you guys to discover for now. We will be tweeting out as pages get updated or have major changes to them so make sure to follow us on Twitter @Smite_Guru if you want to stay posted.

As I said before we are working on new features that have made this update necessary, we should have more information on that soon.


Elo Systems and API issues

This update was a bit delayed due to HiRez changes ( for User Privacy. This reddit post was the only notification we were given to this change only about 10 hours (those 10 hours were 6PM - 4AM) before it went live onto production servers and broke everyone's SmiteGuru profile. Therefore I spent that night writing up a system with the help of the amazing Jhuns ( - give him a follow if you like Elo!) to basically continue to display and adjust your Elo depending on league performance.


This is a very important topic for us and we'll have a dedicated post about it soon. There is a lot to discuss about how the new system works and how it accounts for your Elo and performance in leagues. But until then keep in mind that your privacy is very important to us. We don't want to be the source of anyone having a bad time in Smite (that goes against everything we are trying to do here by building tools for the community we love.) and we want to make sure that you have the right tools to track your performance.


We have only had 1 request for a player's profile to be removed; therefore hiding information has never been a priority since we haven't seen any demand for it.


That's all for now!

We'll be working on the site and fixing the bugs that come up during this massive update. Oh yeah we're also doing a giveaway at: to celebrate the new site!



<3 Markillion