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Published on 2015-06-05 18:29:43

The God's Guide to Smite

We are very excited to announce a new video series that comes out today! The God's Guide to Smite is our way of approaching Smite with the big picture in mind. Rather than a character or idea specific series, these videos will cover anything and everything, from who goes in what lane in the standard meta, to the specifics on lane mechanics and how towers work, to why players start where they do on the map and how to maximize farm, the list goes on. Some of you may remember we asked you for the things you wanted to see talked about most, either because it's being missed in your games, or because you just want to know more about it. We are taking that feedback and helping it guide us as we create these new videos. If you want to give us your feedback just click here.

This week we start off by going over what Smite is and discuss the way team-owned objectives, and NPC's work across the map. Some of this may seem tedious to you seasoned veterans of Smite but will serve as a good refresher, and who knows you may learn something you didn't know already. For those newer players to Smite, or people looking at taking their first steps into the game, these videos will give you valuable information that will give you an edge over your opponent.

Before we link you to the video we just want to say a special thank you to JakoMalfoy for agreeing to do the voice over for us on the video, he brings a great voice and an even better personality. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you don't miss any future videos, and make sure to leave us feedback for what you'd like to see in the comments.