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Published on 2015-05-24 10:30:00

Faster Matches

We’ve made some changes to the way that our servers ingest the matches from the APIs therefore we are able to now have matches process near instantly, however at the moment there is still about a 2 minute delay due to HiRez’s API caching of certain endpoints.

In addition to that we have also tweaked and scaled our web servers a bit better so load times for the average user has been cut down about 50%.

Region Merge

As some of you may have noticed we have had a lot of maintenance and updates in the last 2 weeks or so - this is due to the fact that we are now able to support multiple regions on the main site. You will be able to access all our site features no matter if you play from a LevelUp server or a HiRez server.

You can use the search bar on the home page to specific which region you want to search for.

We are also going to be rolling out more updates in the near future to help customize your experience on the site as well as to make it easier to tell what region a player is from.

Account Creation

Account creation is back online. Account emailing and registration was closed while we were doing the match system changes and region merging.

If you created an account during this downtime, you can resend your activation email here:

You can also create an account here:

SmiteGuru Score 2.0

The SmiteGuru Score system also got an update thanks to the brilliant Jhuns (Make sure to give him a follow @ https://twitter.com/jhunsber)

There are various changes to it including the way that you are scored vs the rest of your team. IE: You will get less points if you feed more points if you carry.

This system is a complete rewrite of the first system and may require additional tweaking.

More Updates Incoming

That’s all for this update, however there is a lot more on the way, so make sure to give us a follow on Twitter to keep upto date.