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Published on 2015-04-13 04:20:04

In just a few weeks we will have our first SPL Split LAN held by HiRez at their own studio in Alpharetta, GA. Smite fans from around the world will see the top two teams coming out of the NA Spring Split, Team Solo Mid and AFK, as well as the top two teams from Europe, Fnatic, and Trig. For those of you who have been following the competitive scene for a while, you know that these are teams and players who have proven themselves both online, and in the tense, competitive LAN setting. So who will come out on top? Who will make their way to 1st place in the Spring Split and their share of the $60k prize pool, as well as a chance to travel to São Paulo, Brazil and face off against the Latin American teams who are preparing in their own way for the 2015 World Championship? Let’s take a look, as we approach LAN, at the different teams we have coming to HiRez Studios later this month.

AFK Gaming

Formerly Snipe, formerly Complexity, formerly Melior Morior, now AFK, this team has an impressive lineup.These players have been preparing for season 2 before season 2 was even launched. Here are the players from AFK, the team which took down the world champions, Cloud 9, to claim their own spot in the first LAN tournament in season 2 of the SPL.

Kurt “Weak3n" Schray in the jungle.


You’ve seen his videos, watched his guides, and you’ve seen him playing in the SPL. After replacing the teams former captain and jungler, Shing when he went to Team Dignitas last season, everyone wondered if Weak3n would be up to the challenge that is competitive Smite. He did not disappoint. Coming into season 2 on gods which weren’t seen much to begin with, like Arachne and Thanatos, Weak3n has led his fair share of games, and dominated the enemy’s jungle. Watch for the big ganks, and expect high kill counts from him at LAN.

Jarod "CycloneSpin" Nguyen in the solo lane.


Coming from season one team Fat Chunks Assemble, he came in and replaced Kiki in the solo lane after his transition into Mid lane. Cyclone, sporting a wider god pool in the warriors and assassins, has gone toe-to-toe with every opponent he has faced this season. Giving the team the extra damage they need when they need it, or the extra frontline when it’s called for, Cyclone has been a great addition to the lineup and is a player to watch in the coming games and future splits.

Ismael "KikiSoCheeky" Torres in the middle lane (name subject to change).


There have been so many changes to his name since he first came to the scene it can be hard to keep track, but he has always been a formidable opponent to those he lanes against. Topping the healing stats in the solo lane during season one, he has come to face off in what many would consider the opposite of solo lane, mid being a highly active area. He likes to play the rare assassin mid, along with other unconventional picks, if nothing else it will be entertaining to watch, look for an aggressive and unique style coming from Kiki.

Riley "Incon" Unzelman as the support.


Though we haven't seen it as much this season, everyone knows Incon likes his kills as much as, if not more than, his assists. One of the more aggressive supports coming to the LAN, look for his kill "secures" and the early aggression as he tries to keep the rest of his team safe, while setting up the plays they need to take the major objectives.

David "Allied" Hance in the hunter role.


You may have seen him at the analyst desk during the 2015 World Championships, and this time he'll be one of the players on the stage. With non-traditional hunter picks, like Freya, it should be more than enjoyable to watch him face off against the other hunters coming to HiRez studios as well. Allied has been on the roster for this team from before the launch team and has worked with his lane partner, Incon, for as longer than some teams have existed. These two will look to dominate out of the duo lane throughout the game.

That wraps it up for the members of AFK, but they will have some tough competition ahead of them. With TSM, who they have faced during the SPL, as well as new competition in Fnatic and Trig, we asked how they felt coming into the tournament. Here's what Incon had to say:

"We are very excited that our hard work payed off for the spring season. We will have very strong competition coming over from Europe with Trig. We will be working extra hard leading up to the LAN and reviewing as many tapes as we can find. We hope to make our fans proud with our performance at this LAN and for the rest of the year."

Good luck to the boys on AFK, and check back in later this week as we take give you a look at Fnatic and their lineup.

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