SPL in Review: Season 2 Spring Split Week 3

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Published on 2015-03-26 03:08:39

Wolfpack89 and Jhuns, here, with even more SPL coverage. We’re getting into the home stretch for the Spring Split, so each of these matches could have a huge impact on which teams go to the international LAN tournament. We use Smite.Guru’s Guru Pro Rating (GPR) to score individual players’ performances on a game-by-game basis. Check out our previous article [insert link here] to learn more about GPR.

Wolfpack, why don’t you start us off with the first match of the week over in EU?

London Conspiracy vs. Trig esports

We started out the week in typical EU fashion with a back and forth match which went to game three. London Conspiracy faced off against Trig in this three match set, and it was an amazing start to the week. The first game was pretty much a tie with only 3k gold separating the teams at the 22 minute mark; the game was basically even. Trig came out on top though in the end, only to fall in game two where Suntouch of LC put on an impressive performance as Thor, bringing the control they needed to claw their way back. LC let everyone know that they weren’t going down that easy. We hit game three and Trig came out swinging, with the kill count at 15 minutes being 14-2 in favor of Trig. The first phoenix fell at just 18 minutes, and the Titan fell in a very short 22 minutes.


The player of this game was Trixtank, the only player to land a score above 1500 average across all three games. Trix was able to step up into the Guardians after being so well known for his warriors playing Bacchus twice as well as Sylvanus in game two. Xaliea was, of course, a force to be reckoned with, particularly in game three as Vamana (the only time Vamana was seen this weekend in EU) landing a GPR in game three of 2179.

London Conspiracy did their fair share of work, with Shaggyshenk and Snakeskin being the lead players, and Suntouch coming to his peak in game two. There wasn’t much coming out from the players of London Conspiracy in game one and three in the face of Trig. They held their opponents off for as long as possible in the first match, took them over in the third, but just could not do anything to stop them in game three. We’ll see in the matches coming up if they can bounce back and put some more wins under their belt.

How was the first match for NA Jhuns?

Denial eSports vs. Enemy Esports

The first match of the week for the NA SPL featured one of its hottest teams versus one of the coldest. Denial looked on-point in their upset victory over TSM last week, and sought to continue that momentum against a struggling Enemy Esports team. With their comfort picks, Denial managed to control NME from early on, finishing both games in a short 27 minutes.


The star of the game was, once again, the ever-steady Shadowq with a GPR of 2271. His Sylvanus was absolutely impeccable, seeming to get at least three NME gods on each of his ultimate initiations. Coming in at a close second was the solo laner, TheBest, who had a huge showing on Vamana in the second match. Between his game-high 19k player damage, and the absurd 52k damage taken and mitigated, TheBest earned himself a GPR of 1982.

Enemy had a rough couple of games, but Soulshiner still contributed in a big way with a team-high GPR of 1672. While the team didn’t get many kills, when they did Soulshiner was there and involved- especially in the second game on his Arachne. Awesome2daMax had the second-best performance for the NME side with a 1229 GPR. As seems to be the flavor of the split, he pulled out two different assassins in the Solo lane. Although his Bastet had the most deaths for his team, he also put out nearly twice as much damage as anyone else on NME.

How did the weekend start for the EU side of things?

Fnatic vs. Dignitas

The weekend started, and ended, very one sided compared to the match we saw on Thursday. Fnatic came out and absolutely dominated Dignitas in game one and two. There was nothing Dignitas could really do in the face of Fnatic who was constantly taking Jungle, securing objectives, and getting kills. Fnatic is coming out very strong, we just have to see if they have what it takes to go the rest of the way.


The real star for Fnatic this week is going to be Badgah, in game one with 23 kills in the game, he walked away with 1 kill and 15 assists. Badgah (GPR score of 2135) was involved in almost three out of every four kills in the game, meaning he was everywhere, not just in lane. This let Realzx, who is a force to be reckoned with at any point get the farm he needed, and assisted in helping land maniaKK with the highest GPR for his team, 2454.

Dignitas is hitting some struggles but overall performing well. Game two was by far their stronger game, but Fnatic just could not be stopped. ShadowNightmare performed well, as he always has, dealing out the damage for his team, and landing a GPR of 1585. Everyone has eyes on this team to do well, and there’s no reason they can’t this week, though they were unable to topple what is fast becoming the juggernaut we all call Fnatic.

Jhuns, how was the first matchup for NA this weekend?

Team SoloMid vs. AFK Gaming

Saturday’s matchup had huge implications for the teams at the top of the standings. AFK Gaming (previously Melior Morior) came into week 3 undefeated and on top of the league. Team SoloMid, meanwhile, had just come off a devastating loss to Denial. TSM was able to bounce back though, and take down AFK Gaming two wins to none. While the first game showed several back and forth fights, TSM’s “Protect the Bee” composition eventually took complete control of the map and starved out AFK. The second match was never close, with TSM generating a 5 digit lead before fifteen minutes.


With a stellar performance on both Ah Muzen Cab and Anhur, Snoopy put up a GPR of 2109 and was this match-up’s MVP. He capped off his great showing by turning a three man gank into a double kill for himself. Divios had the second best rating with a 1992 GPR. Divios seems to be deviating slightly from the rest of his peers, having brought out Guardian gods in both of these matches. Both the Athena and Sobek picks allowed him to control Cyclonespin’s Assassin characters while still bringing decent base damage.

Although it was clearly their worst showing this season, AFK gaming were not without their bright spots. As has been the pattern so far, Incon took top honors for his team with a GPR of 1209. The Support managed to put up more player damage than his Jungler over the course of the two games, a clear sign of the issues that plagued AFK throughout the match-up. Closely behind Incon was the Solo Laner, Cyclonespin with a GPR of 1106. He looked to be the great hope for his team in the first game as a Kali who managed to stay on top of the gold charts for much of the early and mid game. The control on TSM’s side proved too much, however, and Cyclonespin was unable to get his damage on the priority targets consistently.

Back to you Wolfpack. Tell us about the final EU game this week.

Upcoming Stars vs Titan

This one was pretty much a one sided game. Upcoming stars put up a great fight, contesting Titan as often as they could, but it just wasn’t enough in the end. Titan showed their standard teamwork, taking objectives and winning the team fights as a unit. Upcoming Stars did everything they could against the number one EU team coming out of season one, but they could not stop the rampage that Titan was on this weekend.


Your star, for more reasons than one, in this matchup was Ataraxia, coming away with a GPR of 2036- more than 100 above any other player in the game. He also surprised everyone, especially the viewers, with his new build, which featured the ever popular Fatalis. I know everyone, including myself, is looking forward to seeing the impact this build has on the pro scene, as well as in their own games, but it proved to be more than effective against the Upcoming Stars.

Upcoming stars, of course, had their work cut out for them, but they still came away with a decent score. Particularly Sozage, their solo laner, who had to face off against the fan favorite, Confrey. Pulling of a 1326 he tried to lead his team from Solo island, but one player is never enough. iRens came out swinging in game two, but unfortunately no one else could gain a foothold to overtake their opponents this week.

That wraps things up for EU. JHuns, finish us off for the NA side of things.

Cloud9 G2A vs. COGnitive Gaming

The last set of games for week 3 saw world-champion Cloud9 G2A take on their former sponsor’s new team, COGnitive Gaming. Cloud9 was the clear favorite here, but COGnitive managed to pull out a few surprises, keeping the games close for the first twenty minutes each time. However, just like in their games against AFK Gaming last week, COG would lose a few key fights in the mid-game and let the game spin out of control from there. While the fairly new COG is showing a lot of promise, they are going to need to clean up their team’s synergy after the laning phase if they want to take it to the next level. Cloud9 would go on to take the series 2-0.


Cloud9 is a team of many threats, and this week’s big performer was 0mega in the Solo Lane with a GPR of 1933. His Hercules was nigh unkillable, only falling on a few occasions, one of which was to stall for his team to get the Fire Giant. In the second game, he once again tore through COG with a Bakasura that put up 23k player damage. Trailing 0mega, but only barely, JeffHindla grabbed a GPR of 1769- primarily off his stellar Geb play in the second game. He was always in the right place to put down a life-saving shield, and his synergy with MLCstealth’s Kraken ultimates was a sight to see.

On the other side of the battleground, the up-and-coming Jungler, Mask, managed to finish with a total GPR of 1639. Perhaps if Mask had gotten a few more kills on to his targets to replenish his health instead of dying at a couple of critical moments, COG could have turned the tide of the second game. Nevertheless, Mask was everywhere on the map, getting involved in nearly every kill his team had. Meerkat had the next best GPR on the COG team with 1290. His Bastet was particularly impressive, putting up 32k player damage, which was 6k ahead of the next nearest, BaRRaCCuDDa.

That’s all the games for this week! We’ll be back next week with more match highlights and player ratings. Remember these are the professional players in a professional setting, please do not try this at home.