Realtime Search is now live for Season 2!

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Published on 2015-02-11 22:47:28

You can now select realtime from the search bar. If a player is loading into game or ingame you will be taken to a match page so you can view the League: Conquest stats for each player in the game.

We currently only support League: Conquest due to limitations in the API, but we hope to expand on this page more in the future.

Good luck in Season 2! We look forward to adding a lot more to the site this season!

Our Overwolf application will implement realtime searches soon, so you can it check out on the OverWolf App store.
For more information and a visual guide on how to use the application, take a look at PlegPlayer's demonstrative video below.

The SmiteGuru App can be downloaded over at Overwolf by following this link.