Smite World Championship: Day 3

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Published on 2015-01-11 17:19:44

Live Updates from the SWC!
We are in Atlanta covering the SWC! We will be updating this article throughout the day with the latest information and reactions with players and community members. Make sure to check back frequently and follow us on Twitter and Youtube for the latest!

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Consolation Match: SK vs COGR [COGR wins 2-0]

Quick and Dirty:
SK’s drafting issues once again seemed to hamstring the team. COGR showed why they were the most dominant NA team this SPL, latching onto leads and farming the map at peak efficiency in both games. SK showed a little life for about the first 15 minutes of the first game, but after that their play was simply uninspired.

This series was the Divios Show. Divios faced down one of Europe’s top solo and jousters in Maniakk and showed no fear, managing to get solo kills in both games. On his now signature Hercules, Divios made his presence known all over the map once he got ahead. In the second game especially, Divios’ lead forced Maniakk into a defensive build, which allowed COGR to essentially ignore the Chaac during later teamfights.

Big Play:
Twelve and a half minutes into the second match Divios was zoning out SK from the rest of COGR who were attacking the Gold Fury. Suddenly he unleashed a Driving Strike and hit Maniakk, Zyrhoes, and CaptainTwig. He followed up with an immediate boulder, which managed to finish off Aphrodite. The rest of COGR piled in and finished off the other two SK members.

Was Over When:
In the second match four of COGR members were posturing for Fire Giant while Snoopy was pushing down the towers in the duo lane. Realzx could do nothing but stand outside of Snoopy’s range and watch his towers fall.

What’s Next:
COGR goes home with a third place finish, taking $390 thousand with them. SK takes 4th overall and $261 thousand.

Championship Match: COGP vs Titan [COGP wins 3-2]

Quick and Dirty:

COGP came out looking exceptionally dominant in the first two games, crushing Titan with their signature safe and map-control playstyle. However, Titan is the king of comebacks and managed to fix their pick/ban stage in order to get Ares onto Kanyelife. This allowed them to pull out close victories in games 3 and 4, sending the series into a decisive fifth game. This time it was COGP that reworked their own bans, managing to get the elusive Ao Kuang and Jeff”TheSex”Hindla’s stellar Sylvanus. Titan managed to take some early fights and build a small lead, but then Andinster’s Ao Kuang came online. Falling back into their old ways, COGP swept the map of all its objectives and took the series.

Although MLCSt3alth had probably the overall best performance for the entire tournament, this particular series was won and lost on the back of Andinster in the Jungle. It was his Thor ganks in the first two games that set up COGP for victory and it was his mastery of Ao Kuang that allowed his team to overcome Titan in game five.

Big Play:
As seems to be tradition for me, the big play actually came from the losing team. Seeing an opportunity to extend his team’s lead in game three, Kanyelife blinked in with Ares and ulted on four members of COGP near the Chaos side of the Gold Fury. This resulted in the death of three of COGP, including BaRRaCCuDDa. Titan turned for the Gold Fury, then cleaned up MLCSt3alth’s Scylla when he tried to defend. This was what finally gave Titan a significant lead and would propel them to win the next two games.

Was Over When:
Fighting for their tournamen lives, Titan moved three to contest COGP’s Fire Giant. They arrived too late and a three man Driving Strike from Omegatron set up MLCSt3alth’s Scylla ult. Resulted in a Deicide and COGP marched down the midlane unopposd for the win.

What’s Next:
Titan goes home defeated but still loved, taking a rough second place and about $500,000. The home-town favorite, COGP takes home the championship and over $1.3 million in prize money.