Smite World Championship Instant Reaction: DID vs COGR

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Published on 2015-01-09 17:31:28

The Quick and Dirty:
DID drafted a bruiser squad looking for an early advantage in the duo lane. COGR weathered the aggression and exerted their superior map control, getting all but one mid Harpie. DID surrendered at 15 minutes after getting wiped in their right side jungle.

Standout Player:
Divios once again put on a clinic in the solo lane. Even in a disadvantaged matchup against Apollo, Divios showed masterful control of Fenrir, often baiting out poorly timed serenades. Even after Snoopy gave up First-Blood, Divios remained calm and in control.

The Big Play:
After DID attempted to interrupt a Gold Fury, COGR turned and gave chase. A nice Cabraken ult should have cut COGR’s chase short, but TheBoosh lined it up and let his ultimate rip through two opponents, finishing off a triple kill.

It Was Over When:
At the nine-minute mark DID pulled out all the stops and made a large rotation to the solo lane to shut down a deeply-extended Divios. However, the Fenrir escaped and COGR’s own rotation to the duo lane

What’s Next:
COGR advances to the semifinal play-in match against the winner of SK and WL8. Meanwhile, DID will fight for their tournament lives against the loser of the same match.