2015 Smite World Championship Coverage

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Published on 2015-01-05 18:08:09

We are now less than a week away from the 2015 Smite World Championships. This is the first of what fans are hoping will be many tournaments with players from all over the world fighting to claim their spot as #1 on the Battleground Of The Gods. If HiRez plays their cards right, this could be the door that opens up the professional gaming industry to one of the newest and fastest growing Esports since the beginning of competitive gaming itself. For everyone here at SmiteGuru, I cannot tell you how excited we are to be able to attend the event and from there bring the action to people who may not be able to attend themselves. With that being said, we want to give you an idea of what you can expect from us during our time at the SWC.

Everyone member of the Guru team have smart phones we will be using to post information live from the floor of the Cobb Energy Center . Be sure to click on the “News” button at the top of the page during the event in order to see older posts throughout the weekend. We have a 50,000 maH battery which will keep our electronics charged for multiple days and a special microphone and tripods, which will allow us to record and update from almost any location. We are also bringing some great cameras, so you will have galleries of images to view at the end of each day to keep up with everything happening.

There are several different types of content we plan to bring to you during the SWC, and first among them are video logs from the floor of the event. We will be talking with as many people as we can right after the games for everyone’s first reactions. From HiRez staff, to players, to analysts, to spectators, we want to bring you the best and most diverse content possible and as much of it as we can. Our goal is to give you the experience of being at the event and getting to hear from people yourself. If you have anyone you would like us to talk to, or any questions you have for any of the players let us know @Smite_Guru

Everything we produce on the website at Smite.Guru under the “News” section. Please be sure to follow us on twitter @Smite_Guru as we will post links to everything there. If you want to be notified of every post so that you can get up to date content you can turn on tweet notifications for our account and you will be alerted via your mobile app or text message. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the most recent videos on your own feed.

If you are going to the SWC let us know! Shoot us a message on twitter, or tweet at those of us who will be at the SWC (@W0lfpack89 @jhunsber @scotch737) and we will try and meet up with you. At least one of us will be wearing our SmiteGuru polo shirts, so just look out for the logo and come talk to us, maybe we’ll throw you into a video!