New Leaderboards, Guide Updates, and Your Feedback

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Published on 2014-12-21 21:49:40

We're working on bringing you some new features to SmiteGuru and expanding on our current ones. Here's the update.

New Leaderboards

Over the last few days we have added Ward Leaderboards, which track total wards placed since it was added in the last patch. We've also added Kills Leaderboards that track your total kills in each gamemode by god and Win Leaderboards which track your wins per gamemode with each god.

You can view these new leaderboards here.

Guide Updates

Currently there are a few bugs that we have found after launching the new Guides section of the site. We want to fix these and rework the system before we will start approving guides.

Unfortunately this might require us to wipe the current guides so make sure to save your guide to your computer so you can submit it once the new system is up.

Your Feedback

We are going to be covering the SWC in January, let us know what you want to see from our coverage. What stats are you interested in seeing? What community members do you want us to talk to?

Let us know by tweeting us or emailing us.

Don't forget to follow our new twitter account @Smite_Guru !