The Smite Games

How it works

Xbox teams compete in Smite for the chance to outlast the Gladiator Trials.

The 8 teams with the most points at the end of the Prelims will advance to the Gladiator Trials.

Once in the trials, they will have to either beat the team ahead of them, or hold their ground in order to advance to the next round.

Dates & Times

The event is now over. Thank you to all the sponors and teams that participated.

October 5th - 32 team Prelim Bracket
October 12th - 32 team Prelim Bracket
October 19th 21st (Wednesday) - 32 team Prelim Bracket

October 26th - 8 team Gladiator Trials
November 2nd 5th - 8 team Gladiator Trials
November 9th - 8 team Gladiator Trials


How it works

  • MLG Points Seed Prelims Bracket
  • 3 Weeks of Prelims
  • Earn points each week
  • Prelims Bracket points seed Gladiator Ladder
  • Gem prizing each week for top 3 placings


17-32 (10 Pts)

9-16 (15 Pts)

5-8 (25 Pts)

4 (50 Pts)

3 (75 Pts)

2 (100 Pts)

1 (150 Pts)

How it works

  • Top 8 Teams from Prelims
  • BO3 Games
  • Once you lose you are out
  • 1st seed is in the finals
  • Only one team will win


$1,000 & Gems

5x - A40 & MixAmp TR for Xbox One

5x - Hats, Sweatshirts, and Tshirts

5x - mousepads and G303 mice



Administration: Bagle500 & Markillion Production: MadCuzBrad & PeccYz