Support/Tank Ah Puch

Ah Puch
Last updated 1 year ago


Stone of Gaia
Shoes of Focus
Gauntlet of Thebes
Shogun's Kusari
Breastplate of Valor
Ethereal Staff


Meditation Cloak Upgrade
Magic Shell Upgrade


Rallying Ritual
Author's Notes

Hello, I main the support role and I'm not here to tell you that Ah Puch is the best support but he is an anti-guardian and healer, his kit already does lots of damage so a tanky build is just gay on him. I usually pair this support with Medusa, Hou Yi or Cupid. This Build i have personally built because the first three items is Meta for all supports and some of the most potent items and yet they are underrated. Enjoy, And please play passive aggressive with this build. (Passive Aggressive is the play style where you aim for  shared damage against minions and the enemy god/gods, and to weaken and/or kill them with the minion wave, and do not chase kills until you hit level 12 or higher, and the enemy has to be the same level to secure a kill. play back until you level, it is a not preferred way of playing people are usually tower hugging passive pussies or Aggressive tower diving idiots, but to mix them together is very advantageous.

By the Way if you want to know what starter i start with, it should be obvious, your a support so get: Watcher's Gift

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