Nu Wa will tear you a Nu Wan

Nu Wa
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Shoes of the Magi
Warlock's Staff
Spear of Desolation
Soul Gem
Chronos' Pendant
Obsidian Shard


Purification Beads
Aegis Amulet


Sentry Ward
Author's Notes

Starting items:

Mage's blessing, T1 warlock staff, 2 healing pots, 1 mana pot, relic depends on your matchup

Skill build:

Start with 3, 1, 3, 2, 4, then the priority is 3, 4, 2, 1.

The reason you take your 1 at level two is because it helps immensely with clearing and it's a more reliable form of escape than the minion.

If you want, you can take your 2 on level 3, it gives you extra kill potential and more safety, but slightly worse clear. Adapt to situation/comfort.

In-depth guide for nerds:

Nu Wa is a bursty close range nuker who (generally) wants to burst somebody with her combo and then disengage (or chase) until it's up again. I'd say she's a B tier, she can be dominant in her games, but she's never going to be as insane as current (patch 5.5) Thoth or Janus. 


Strength of Wood (passive) - Every fifth successful basic attack roots an enemy for 1,5s.

 - Pretty straightforward, this is relevant primarily in the laning stage because apart from hitting towers or objectives like Gold Fury, you generally won't be in an ideal situation where the root attack is ready precisely when you need it, or you just might not have the time to basic attack anyone in fights. It can come in handy from time to time and even net you some kills, but it's not going to swing a teamfight or anything. In the laning phase it's very important to abuse this especially if your opponent has worse waveclear so you can get extra damage on him from creeps + potential spells if you think it's worth it.

Mysterious Fog - Nu Wa creates a slow forward-moving circle of fog for 6 seconds that deals damage and gives you and your allies stealth and 10% extra movement speed. Stealth is broken for 1 second if you attack or cast spells. Deals damage to enemies upon first contact and then every second they are in the fog.

- This ability is ok-ish. The movement speed bonus is almost useless because if you have boots you outrun it after about 2 seconds. In early game it's used primarily to clear waves, mid to lategame its use is primarily as a close range nuke or as a short reset where you hide to get your spells back off cooldown. 


- Only use this for waveclearing in the midlane if you're sure the enemy jungler isn't nearby because good junglers will wait for you to use it and then pounce on you when you don't have your safety fog

- On the other hand, don't be afraid to use this to clear jungle camps if you want to clear faster

- Try to move inpredictably in it if you're being ganked/chased, since you are stealthed and enemies will try to hit you. Good fog dancing can turn a potential trip to base to no damage taken for you and wasted mana for the opponent

- Very important to use it to stack soul gem mid-to-late game as it's one of the two abilities you can use to stack it regularly

Clay Soldiers - Nu Wa conjures 1-3 (based on level) clay soldiers for 10 seconds. These soldiers dash at enemies, attack them and reduce their magical protections. If you hit these soldiers with your Shining Metal (3), you detonate them and stun in the area around them.

- There are 2 ways this ability works. First way is you spawn them just out in the open in which case they attack the nearest enemy or enemy gods who attack Nu Wa. The second way is you walk up to somebody in pretty much melee range and mark them by casting the ability right on top of them, which makes the soldiers attack only that target until it dies or they despawn.  The first way is how you will mainly use the ability because the AI is generally pretty good and you dont require them to hit a specific target, you just want them to be on an enemy god so you can stun in that area.


- Despite the wording of the ability, the poor jungle harpies are apparently as much of an enemy as the entire enemy team. You need to be very mindful of this when you're fighting in the jungle, because your little soldier friends might just decide not to run at the enemy assassin, but at the nearest camp, leaving you to fend for yourself. I have died this way, it's not fun.

- The magical protection debuff stacks 3 times, so once all 3 soldiers hit the opponent at least once, you can blow them up. You can choose not to wait at all, sometimes the stun itself is enough to secure a kill, but the sequence is generally pretty fast on its own. You also don't have to blow up all 3 to keep the debuff going.

- You have to be very close in the fight  if you want to hit the stun, no opponent is going to wait for the soldiers to run up to them so you can hit the detonation.

- They're quite slow, most people outrun them with boots unless they get in the dash range, all the more reason to use them close range

- The only thing that scales about them is their hp (they get 20% of your health)

- Doesn't proc Soul Gem

- The soldiers shred objectives. Use them to tank towers/phoenixes and don't blow them up when you're taking Gold Fury or Fire Giant, they do way more damage that way

- With 40% CDR, this ability has 10.8s cd and 10s duration, giving it nearly 100% uptime.

- DO NOT WASTE THIS ABILITY in a teamfight. If you mess it up, you will just get run down. The threat of the aoe 1,5s stun is what makes you scary. If you screw it up, you're dead.

Shining Metal - Nu Wa launches a mass of shining metal, damaging all enemies it hits. If it hits one of her Clay Soldiers, it explodes, dealing additional damage and stunning enemies.

- Straightforward skillshot that explodes and stuns when you hit your clay soldiers. The bread and butter of your kit. What's really amazing about this ability is that it only costs 50 mana the entire game and has a base cooldown of only 8s, giving it a whopping 4,8s cooldown at max CDR. This is your everything. Your waveclear, your poke, your stun condition all in one ability. Learning to hit this is essential to Nu Wa. 


- Try to use this very often, the short cooldown, low manacost and good scaling make it an ok poke tool (assuming the enemy doesn't have an even better poke, in which case play safe)


(salt warning) About to get nerfed from 1,5s to 1,4s max level stun in patch 5.6 because nu wa is so ridiculously broken and overplayed am I right Hi-Rez? haha good thing Janus and Thoth are fine never seen those picked or banned in SPL

Fire Shards - Nu Wa flies up into the clouds, gaining visibility on all enemy gods and dealing damage to each of them.

- Your ult, global vision and damage on all enemy gods. Very scary lategame as it can bring people with no defense items down to 50-40% hp. Also gives you CC immunity once you use it.


- By far the most important tip is that you can turn around at the peak of your ult casting and land in a different direction than where you were originally facing. Since you can pick literally any direction you want, this can save your life very often, allowing you to juke opponents.

- Soul Gem proc actually procs on ALL enemy godsif you have it at 4 stacks, making this ability far more potent. Sadly doesn't work the same way with Soul Reaver (cause that wouldn't be broken wink wink)

- If you're playing against inexperienced players, what you can do when you're chased is walk up to a wall and cast ult, they will think you'll land behind the wall, but since you're a smart Nu Wa player, you know you can't actually go over walls with this ability, but you mess with them and potentially escape. Might work against experienced players as well because people start doubting themselves in the moment whether it works one way or the other.

- The cooldown starts when the shards hit, not when you press the button

- In late game with max CDR and Chronos' Pendant this pretty much has a 1 minute cooldown, and it's absolutely fine to use it just to get vision.

- In early game this hits like a wet noodle, don't expect to get a kill unless someone is already sub 10% hp

- Very good gank escaping tool in the laning phase, since it does pathetic damage anyways, might as well use the CC immunity for something



Shoes of the Magi - Pretty self explanatory, early penetration is useful

Warlock's staff - You're a close-quarters mage, you generally really need the hp 

Spear of Desolation - More pen, CDR, load of power and a useful passive

Soul Gem - In my opinion, currently the most must-have item on Nu Wa because of the way the passive works with her ult. Sadly the healing part is a bit wasted if you use with your ult, since it procs while you're in the air, giving your allies a whopping heal for 0. Also 10% CDR. This item will get nerfed in 5.6 though, so might drop in priority.

Chronos' pendant - CDR is a must have on Nu Wa and with Chronos' pendant we tie it up with the biggest CDR mage item of them all, the passive also allows for even more frequent stun combos

Obsidian Shard - You have to kill tanks too


- If you need anti-heal, replace Spear of Desolation with Divine Ruin and if you do that, don't get Shoes of the Magi, but get Shoes of Focus to make up for the 10% CDR that you would be missing.

- If you are very greedy or just don't care about dying, you can go Book of Thoth instead of Warlock's Staff. I wouldn't recommend it, because you will most likely get punished if you do so, but you can get away with it in some games and you do get that bit of extra power to compensate. Also your minions get more HP from warlock's staff, which makes it even more desirable.

- Don't get soul Gem sooner than 4th or 5th item, it deals damage based on your power. If you have no power, it's useless.

- If you are playing against a comp that's either very squishy or you are ahead by a LOT, you can skip obsidian shard and grab either Rod of Tahuti or Soul Reaver. Tahuti is more useful for your ult, Soul Reaver is more for bursting single target opponents.

- If you are struggling to burst tanks in the mid game, get Obs Shard before Chronos'. It's also ok to get Chronos' last in general because that way you won't overcap on CDR once you have Chronos + Spear of Deso + Soul Gem (40%CDR) but still have Mage's blessing from the start (wasted CDR).

 DO NOT BUILD lifesteal items (Bancroft's, Typhon's), you don't have enough sustained damage to make it worthwhile.

 DO NOT BUILD autoattack items (Polynomicon, Hastened Ring), you're not an adc just because you have a proc on your basic attack. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to message me in-game (EU, PC). Thanks.

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