Cernunnos anti-tank build 4.19

Last updated 10 months ago


Bluestone Pendant
Bumba's Mask


Purification Beads Upgrade
Aegis Amulet


Healing Potion
Mana Potion


Devourer's Gauntlet
Ninja Tabi
The Executioner
Qin's Sais
Titan's Bane
Odysseus' Bow


Purification Beads Upgrade
Aegis Amulet


Healing Potion
Mana Potion
Author's Notes

This build is very good against warriors or guardians for the synergy with the cernunnos 1


Bluestone: for more dmg and mana reg in lane phase, if you pick this starter play pretty agressive

Deaths Toll: is good againts guardians and adc with so much poke for example: chronos , ymir , sobek , rama, hou yi , etc

but the bluestone is pretty best option because cernunnos is good in fight

Bumbas´s Mask: for the sustain from the jg camps


The beads and aegis combo is the best for the adcs so... use these 2


Advise: in this meta the hide of the urchin is very good item if you want use it, titans bane or adysseus-asi are the best options for change it

1* Ninja tabis or the gauntlet : if you get a kill in the start of the game and you have gold for the tabis use it because the tabis gives so much dps and mana, that is very good in the rest of the laning phase but if you dont get a kill the best thing is the gauntlet for get more dmg quickly and sustain for 1v1 phase in the duolane

2* Depend of first item ( if you get tabis, buy gauntlet and if you get gauntlet, buy tabis

3* Executioner : this is very good item for the start of mid-game because the teams fight are more frequently and reduce the prot. of tanks help so much 

4* Qins Sais: Very good item, you deal additional dmg depend the max he

5* Titans Bane : Do a very good synergy with the Executioner and qins sais. this make the tanks squishy for you 

6* Odysseus or Asi : the odysseus help you split dmg in Team fights and deal more dmg and the asi give you more penetration and a crazy lifesteal with the synergy of the Gauntlet adn cernunnos´s 1

PD: if you want change odysseus bow, change it for the Asi for more sustain and penetration

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