The True Support

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Shoes of the Magi
Shogun's Kusari
Hide of the Nemean Lion


Magic Shell
Horrific Emblem


Chalice of Healing
Author's Notes

So this build as you will see is kind of outdated since the Sov and Thebes nerfs but I still see Sov as a very strong first aura item over Jade Emperor's Crown. This build mainly affects the ADC which most builds should. First thing that is different from a "normal Ganesha" build is my boots, I opped out of traveler's shoes and go for magi. My reasoning behind this is purely for ult; While the ult already shreds protections for your team, you (being Ganesha) having your own pen on top of that makes the ult do 380-420 roughly estimating. Now secondly being Sovereignty which I've already explained earlier on. Shogun's Kusari will always be better then Heartward until they change Shogun's it will remain you're magical aura item. Now if they have a very sustain heavy comp such as Aphrodite (Mid) & Chang'e (Jungle) or just something to that effect then you can get Pestilence where Shogun's is, but you mostly won't see that much sustain in ranked games usually in casuals. Witchblade is hard item to justify because you'd moreover get it for the cooldown now; granted this Witchbalde isn't a bad item, there are just other items that outclass it such as Hide of the Urchin, Relic Dagger, Winged blade, so on and so forth. I don't really feel the need to explain the reasoning behind Nemean Lion, this is just a overall better item when you're this late into the game. Breastplate of Valor just doesn't cut it when you are this late into the game. Pestilence is a wonderful item giving the same amount of health as Heartward and Bulwark but giving 15-20 more protections then both of these items and the passive anti-heal is nice to have for those Mids with Bancrofts. Please help me make this build better in anyway shape or form.

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