Out box everyone

Last updated 11 months ago


Ninja Tabi
Hide of the Nemean Lion
The Executioner
Frostbound Hammer
Bulwark of Hope
Qin's Sais


Teleport Glyph Upgrade
Shield of Thorns


Healing Potion
Mana Potion
Author's Notes

What ive been starting with on him is the hunters blessing with tier 1 executioner and 2 of each potions. tier 1 boots isnt worth 500 gold in my opinion, so I think that is the best tier 1 you could start with to have very high dps early in the game. Ninja tabi works great with the blessing and then you want to have your Hide of the Nemean Lion right after that to ensure you can outfight the other solo laner. Executioner lets you get through the protections that the other solo will likely have by that point in the game and frost bound will give you some health, let you stick to people by slowing them, and also it helps you outfight people since it decreases their attack speed as a debuff. For magic protection, I like to get Shogun's but if they are heavy in magic damage, a bulwark will be more worth so you dont die. If they have strong healing, get a Pestilence. For the last item, I always go Qin's Sais because the damage it will let you do with high attack speed is just insane for how tanky you are. With this build, I can walk up to any squishy and kill them with Autos and AA cancels very quickly while they have a really hard time fighting me off. If you want to be more tanky, you could go with one of the hybrid robe items last.

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