1 shot agni

Last updated 11 months ago


Bancroft's Talon
Shoes of the Magi
Shaman's Ring
Spear of the Magus
Spear of Desolation
Soul Reaver


Purification Beads
Aegis Amulet Upgrade


Healing Potion
Mana Potion
Author's Notes

In my opinion, the bancroft's start is still stronger then the blessing start. The blessing gives 25 damage on all his abilities including his passive, but it gives zero power. compared to the 60 power that tier 2  bancroft's gives, its not really going to be more damage. it evens out.  plus this will give you sustain. Agni uses shamans ring very well because you can proc the evolved passive with your noxious flames very easy before the ult hits and he has a decent amount of ticks that will get dmg increases. The ticks make spear of the magus work very well on him also for the protection shred and spear of desolation is just a very stong item if you want some more pen. The last item is really up to you. If you want some cooldown, you could go chronos pendent, maybe typhon's fang or maybe still rod. Whatever you think is the best late game mage item. I like soul reaver to really get thoughs 1 shot combos.

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