Mid season [4.14]

Last updated 10 months ago


Ninja Tabi
Odysseus' Bow
The Executioner
Qin's Sais
Titan's Bane


Purification Beads Upgrade
Aegis Amulet Upgrade


Healing Potion
Mana Potion
Author's Notes

-In every build you will start with Death's Toll and Bumba, sell it when you build is complete.

-Only upgrade you 1 skill until it gets level 5, then, upgrade your 2, your ultimate will only be used for scape or rotation, or sometimes for chase a enemy or grant objectives... and please, don't waste your ultimate, use with wisdom.

-Your actives will depend on your team build or the enemy team comp.

-Only upgrade actives when your build is complete, or when there is a Ares in the enemy team.

-ALWAYS buy ward after stacks or lifesteal item.

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