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A Scylla Guide from a Scylla Main

*Note: This build is currently outdated due to the changes made to Rangda's Mask. Please check back later as I will update this build at a later time.
My Scylla Experience

For those of you too lazy to view my profile, I pretty much only play Scylla exclusively (though will sometimes dabble with Jing Bae, Athena or Bellona if needed). I typically only play Arena or Clash (since Clash is basically just Arena #2) though I will play Joust and Conquest on occassion. This build is geared towards the more veteran players of Smite and those who are relatively familiar with Scylla's kit. If you are new to Smite or to Scylla then I don't recommend trying this build right out of the gate (though some of it can still be useful).


I will note that this build is in no way absolute or perfect and depending on the team comps you may need to incorporate items not listed here and change up the build or strategy. At the end of the day experience is the #1 teacher in how to be good with a god and Scylla is no different.
One unique aspect of this build is that it is in no way geared towards her Ultimate. While her ult is still incredibly powerful with this build, it instead seeks to make her a terrifying powerhouse capable of killing even the tankiest of gods, even if her ult is on cooldown.
*Note: I have only done some testing of this build on the PTS and is a variation on my current 'Assassin-like' build (the biggest change is the inclusion of the new item [Rangda's Mask]). As such this list is subject to change as I get more play time in the 5.13 patch.

The Build
Item 1: Shoes of Magi / Shoes of Focus
The first item of this build will vary based on game mode and preference. If you prefer CDR then [Shoes of Focus] is an acceptable option (especially since this build will already have a decent amount of pen). Additionally, if you are playing Conquest then your first item should be [Magi's Blessing], after which you will continue with the build as listed, and end it by selling Magi's Blessing and replacing it with Rod of Tahuti. In any other game mode you can skip the blessing and go for the boots. I will also note that if you are comfortable enough with Scylla, you can instead go for the Second item first to rush stacks, though this is ultimately up to your preference.
Item 2: Book of Thoth / Warlock's Staff
The second item of this build is typically your stacking item and should most commonly be [Book of Thoth]. And again if you're comfortable with Scylla you can go for this item first and then get boots (though I do NOT recommend doing this in Conquest). I typically only go for [Warlock's Staff] if the enemy team possesses an assassin that I don't necessarily want to deal with (such as Loki, Ne Zha, or Da Ji). The goal of this build is to kill the enemy before they can kill you (even if they get the jump on you) and sometimes a little extra health is just what you need to tip a fight in your favor.
Item 3: Rangda's Mask
As of now Rangda's Mask is almost a must have on Scylla because of the +15% Ability Damage. This alone is scary enough on Scylla but is even more terrifying when paired with Rod of Tahuti's passive. At full build I can take even the most tanky of characters from full health down to 20% HP. If they're already weakened then it's an almost guaranteed kill on any tank. And when it comes to squishies they don't stand a chance. I will update this if Rangda's gets nerfed (as it likely will) but as it stands right now it is an almost must have. The reason I build it 3rd is because it is around this time that I reach level 12 and have most (if not all) my stacks on Thoth, meaning I'm ready to get Blink and get a little more offensive.
CON: The only major downside to this item is of course that it reduces your movement speed, but fortunately Scylla has an escape which makes this item safer on her than most other mages.
Item 4: Polynomicon
Why Polynomicon? Well for one, the extra mana pairs well with Book of Thoth and the Lifesteal doesn't hurt, but those are negligible at best. The real reason for Polynomicon is because much of the time Scylla's Sic 'Em + Crush just isn't enough to kill a god and they get away with a sliver of health. Polynomicon is the item to bridge that difference. And when it comes to late game it empowers a basic attack on Scylla to swing almost as hard as Sic 'Em. This effectively allows Polynomicon to make up the lost damage from her third ability being an escape.
CON: The biggest downside to building Polynomicon is that it does require aim (Scylla being a god who largely doesn't require much aim) so I strongly recommend getting some practice if you aren't as strong with aiming.
PRO #1: Fortunately Scylla is one of the best mages to build Polynomicon on thanks to the root Sic 'Em provides. Doesn't require much aim when your target can't move.
Pro #2: One of the best pro's to this item (and why I chose this item over Soul Reaver) is that it can be proc'd every 3 seconds. This means you can use it very frequently and dish out more consistent damage.
Pro #3: As if the other two pro's weren't enough this is one that most people don't consider. Polynomicon can be triggered against Jungle camps, Jungle Bosses, and Towers/Phoenixes. See below on how to use Polynomicon against these objectives.
Item 5: [Flex]
This item is fairly interchangeable and will vary depending on your situation. Additionally, you can swap this item with Poly in build order if you want build Poly later. Listed below are the 4 most common items I would recommend, though this can be pretty much anything that you feel is necessary all the way up to Mantle of Discord (though bear in mind the cost). Ultimately you'll just have to use your best judgement for this item but it'll typically be one of these four.
[Spear of Desolation]: If some of the squishies on the enemy team are building defense then a little extra Flat Pen could be useful, or if one or two of the enemies have a Gauntlet of Thebes.
[Divine Ruin]: Build this if the enemy team has a heavier healing lineup.
[Obsidian Shard]: Build this if the enemy team has a very tanky line up or a lot of protections. Typically you don't want to mix flat with percent pen, so if you know you're going to build this item from the start then feel free to get [Shoes of Focus] instead of [Shoes of the Magi]. Even though [Rangda's Mask] provides some Flat Pen, it is still too great of an item to not build so Rangda's + Obsidian is still okay in my opinion.
[Chrono's Pendant]: If the enemy team is relatively squishy and you feel you don't need anymore pen then Chrono's Pendant should almost always be the next item of choice. The extra CDR on Scylla is just too good to not get when possible.
Item 6: Rod of Tahuti
Item 6 is Rod of Tahuti and is the only other consistent item for me alongside Polynomicon and Rangda's Mask. The MP5 is nice, but by the time you build this item that doesn't really do much for you. The Magical power and passive however are just too good to not include this item in your build. The passive paired with Rangda's passive pretty much enables you to assassinate any god, even tanks.
For relics I always get Purification first because it's amazing at getting Scylla out of a sticky situation. The reason I prefer this over Aegis is because Scylla is one of the few mages with an escape. For mages without escapes Purification and Aegis can be fairly interchangeable, but when it comes to Scylla Aegis would prevent you from using your escape making it a bit more dangerous of an option. My second Relic is one you will almost never see on Scylla and that is Blink. This is one of the key items to this build and one I don't recommend using until you have a good understanding of Smite and an even greater understanding of Scylla. More on this item in a later section.
Consumables really come down to personal preference and game mode. Obviously in Arena you don't really need any but in other modes I typically get Chalice of Healing and maybe 1 or 2 Mana pots (though if Baron is on your team you can get his brew instead). You will really only need mana pots for the first few levels so Chalice of Mana is not typically necessary. In Conquest I also strongly recommend getting Chalice of the Oracle very early on as warding is key to staying alive. Other than those, don't forget to get the occasional Sentry Ward (for Conquest). Once your build is complete and you have some free spending gold don't forget to get a Potion of Magical Might. As far as the 3k pots it's really up to you as to which one you want but I will typically get Defense. Power is nice, but by the time you get to this point you're already able to destroy all squishies so a lot of that power could just go to waste.
Sieging and Clearing Camps with Polynomicon

[Sieging]: Polynomicon proc's only after an ability is used so this requires that you use abilities. Because of this I only recommend this strategy when you know you are safe to do so. It is also important to note that when using abilities try to land them on minions if possible. You can use them on enemy gods if you want, but keep in mind this will pull tower aggro (if an ally doesn't already have it).
Typically I will throw out [Sic 'Em] first (on minions if possible) and then use the Poly auto on the tower. Throw out 2 or 3 more auto's while Poly comes off cooldown. Once it is ready again throw out [Crush] (on minions if you can) and then use Poly on the tower once more. By now [Sic 'Em] should be up again and you simply rinse and repeat. If you need to retreat then throw [Sentinel] to begin your escape and use one last auto (since Sentinel will proc it). But remember that your life is more important than a tower so if you need to escape, don't worry about one missed auto.
[Clearing Camps]: To clear a camp quickly (at least buff camps) drop Crush, center Sic 'Em on the middle target, throw a basic attack at the middle target (this should be proc'd with Polynomicon), and then detonate Crush. This should for the most part completely clear the camp but depending on your build and how long into the game you are, it may require 1 or 2 more basics. Just keep in mind that for most of the game the camps should be cleared by your Jungler (at least in Conquest) so don't go using this on every camp. It is also worth noting that this puts half your kit on cooldown so don't use the full combo if it is too risky/dangerous to do so.

Assassin Scylla

The goal of this build is to make sure you kill the enemy before they kill you (as with any Mage or Assassin). Scylla is already a terrifying force to be reckoned with and this build makes her all the more fearsome. The biggest down side (again, as with any Mage or Assassin) is that they are extremely squishy and once their abilities are used they are pretty much useless. The key to this build is essentially a Full-Kit combo (minus ult). Just keep in mind this combo centers around Polynomicon and will require some timing and practice. I also strongly recommend keeping an eye on the enemy Relics so you know who has Purification or Aegis as this will sometimes affect the combo. Below are the steps to perform this combo as well as some things to keep an eye out for while using it:

[Blink]: If Blink is up and you're ready to get the jump on an enemy then now is the time to use it. This will require patience, timing, and good judgement on when to use it so this will likely require a good amount of practice to get right. If Blink is down, or you feel it isn't necessary then feel free to move on to the next step.
[Sic 'Em]: The first thing to do once in range is to throw out Sic 'Em on your target (keep in mind at max rank it can also affect 2 other nearby enemies). This should root the enemies in place and additionally will proc [Polynomicon] in preparation for the next two steps.
[Crush]: Once your target is nice and rooted, throw down Crush while making sure it is centered as best you can on your target. The reason for this is because of Crush's passive (when at max rank), which provides an additional +25% Magical Penetration and slows the target by +30%. Once dropped do NOT detonate it. The only exception is if your target is purified of the root, in which case detonate Crush.
[Basic Attack]: Once your target is nice and rooted, throw out a basic attack on them. This should be relatively easy to land since your target should be rooted. It is important that you land it due to the free damage Polynomicon will provide. Having Crush out will also provide additional pen (when at max rank) making this ability hit that much harder.
[Wait]: This step can be hit and miss as sometimes it can give your target time to respond, but can also prevent you from wasting damage. Ultimately this will just come down to practice and quick thinking with regards on when to wait. But, the main purpose of this step is that by the time you've gotten to this point your target will like use Aegis if they can. If they do, then simply let Crush loom ominously at their feet as it waits for their brief moments of sanctuary to fade so that it may consume them into oblivion.
[Detonate Crush]: Once ready, detonate Crush to deliver the final blow to your target.
[Sentinel]: If there are other enemies around (or if for whatever reason your combo gets interrupted and you're in danger) then use Sentinel to escape and get to safety.

This combo is essentially why I deem this build the Assassin Scylla. Being able to blink on a target, use basically 3 abilities worth of damage (Polynomicon making up the 3rd ability), and then using Sentinel to escape makes her an incredible Assassin capable of destroying almost any target. But even when Blink isn't up this combo is still just as effective. What makes it all the more terrifying is even if your target used Purification and Aegis you then have your ult at your disposal and with its stupid long reach you'll likely still get the kill.
This combo is also still an excellent defensive option, so even if you aren't on the offensive, the moment you get a root (or even better if a teammate roots/stuns an enemy) you can quickly turn a fight around with this combo.
As I mentioned earlier, keep in mind that perfecting this combo will take a litle bit of practice as all of those listed steps should happen within the span of 2-3 seconds meaning it will take some quick thinking and judgement to execute correctly. But, once you have it down you'll be able to kill just about anyone you want. With this build I also strongly recommend getting good at tracking when Polynomicon is proc'd/ready to be proc'd. Tracking this item especially important as it is essentially free damage so make sure to know which basic attacks you should be taking extra care to aim. A quick example I will give is one from personal experience. I had just used my full kit and was making my escape. I used Sentinel but as I dashed away it turned out that a He Bo was on our backline. He was still at about 40% HP while I was slightly lower. He pursued with Atlas but I knew that Poly was ready for use as it was proc'd by my Sentinel. I threw out my auto which landed true and was able to 1-shot him.
[Strengths of this Combo]: The biggest strength of this combo is how quick and powerful it is giving enemies almost no time to react. Scylla's ult is very readable and makes you a larger target for attacks meaning the enemy has more time to bring you down, but this combo allows you to kill enemies while still leaving you with your ult. Not to mention this combo will dish out more damage than a single strike of your ultimate could meaning it's much more effective for targets at full health. But despite all that this build does not sacrifice your ultimates damage meaning it is still just as deadly (and capable of getting those delicious penta's).
[Weaknesses of this Combo]: One of the biggest weaknesses to this combo is going to be cleanses. One of the biggest nuisances to this combo that I have encountered is [Magi's Cloak]. Because of its instant purifying effect it can make it extremely difficult to land the full combo on a god so be weary of enemies when it is up. Additionally, this combo requires using both of your damaging abilities (plus a proc of Poly) so once used be sure to keep as much distance between you and any surviving enemies (this is where Sentinel is a life saver) until your abilities come back off cooldown. You should also be weary of teams that have large amounts of CC. The last thing you want to do is Blink on a target only to have Athena taunt you away from them. For maximum safety only use Blink while Purification is up should things go south. But if the target is alone or there is little chance of you being interuppted/counter-bursted then feel free to dish out the first strike and always be ready to Sentinel away at a moments notice.

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