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Editing: S5 The Morrigan Build

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Im quite experienced with The Morrigan and have tried alot of ways to build her.  This is my current favorite build on her and below  I will explain the items. 


Attackers Blessing:  Good starter for modes like Arena/Clash where Mana isn't really an issue.

ITEM BUILD -  NON Conquest Modes

Shoes of the Magi:  Probably the best option because of +10 Penetration, I almost always buy them instead of  Shoes of Focus because  I get enough CDR from Chronos pendant and spear of Desolation.

Chronos Pendant : I like to rush this Item ASAP, maybe even before I completed my boots. Cooldown Reduction on the Morrigan is Invaluable as her ultimate has a 160 second cooldown at rank 1. With its Passive you get around 30% CDR right away and some nice Power and MP5.

Polynomicon: This is a Core Itemon The Morrigan and just works so well with her Passive, with her in general. It gives +75 Magical Power, 12% Lifesteal and best of all +300 Mana.  It is a MUST-HAVE item on Morrigan. It helps you kill enemies faster, especially squishies.

Spear of Desolation: Definetely a Core Item on The Morrigan  It's Passive is also great, in late game when Teamfights starts, every kill or assist substracts 1s from all ur abilities currently on cooldown.

Bancroft's Talon: I Love this item on the Morrigan. Combined with your Polynomnicon you will have Amazing Sustain. Hitting your passive on a minion wave can heal you for a lot of health. It also increases your Power and Lifesteal the lower your health is.

Rod of Tahuti:  Pure Magical Damage, It's the item that gives the most Magical Damage, even though Passive has been nerfed t still works great and you will see a Huge Damage increase. 


Antiheal (optional): If the enemy team has high Healing, you could get Divine Ruin instead of Bancrofts talon.

Obsidian Shard (optional): When facing a lot of enemies building high Magic defenses, you can build this item instead of bancrofts talon or Rod of Tahuti.


I hope you all like this build and  try it out for yourselves :)

This build gets updated when necessary.

- Last updated Patch 5.16

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