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Editing: Ravana ranked duel

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Hey guys, this is my first guide so hopefully you like it.


So with relics what I've been doing (and it seems to work out well) is go HOG if I'm against a strong ADC i.e. Hou Yi, Anhur, Ullr. Instead of contesting red sneak back behind to their blue and steal it asap. With hog you'll most definitely get to lane in time to clear it at the same speed as your opponent (early game ravana clear op.) Be sure to go 2 points in your 1, and 1 point in your 3. In lane use your 1 on the archers in the back and 3 through the whole wave (not necessarily in that order). 

Against mages and assassin's I usually go Thorn's or aegis depending on the mage I.E. Anubis, Poseidon. 

First Back /Laneing

Vs. Phys gods

If you go with hog start (mentioned above) when you get back to lane clear as fast you can and start attacking your opponent. He most likely will retreat... Or die. If you get him low enough and he bases take the red and clear the wave. By then you should have enough for gladiator shield ( if not clear your blue or another wave if you have the hp.) You will have a clear advantage with glad shield. Play aggressive, your sustain will surprise you, especially if you manage to hit 3 minions and your opponent at once. 

Vs Mag gods

With Mages I either rush my Warrior Tabi if I'm ahead or grab a piece of Genji's guard if I'm behind. I wouldn't recommend going with the hog start against a mage due to the fact that most mage players focus on the wave instead of  contesting red early which will put you behind in gold and xp. Also if you get Anubis be sure to grab Shield of Thorn's (with Genji's and your damage mitigation from your ult he will kill himself with his ult.) 

End game goal Mag Gods

Late game only sell your bluestone if you can get 2nd tier Titans Bane. If you get behind go Spirit Robe before Jotunns. (Alternatively if your opponent does not have hard CC you can go either Hydra's Lament or Mantle of Discord.) 

End game goal vs Phys Gods

 With Heavy AA Gods, which let's be honest will be most of your matches, if you build gladiator on first back and can manage to get Warrior Tabi and a 2nd tier Breastplate you will most always win a fight against them. If you fall behind pick up Witchblade before you finish Breastplate of Valor. And against heavy healing God's I.E. Chaac, I would suggest picking up Brawler's before Witchblade. (Also alternatively if your opponent isn't High Attack Speed Oriented you can grab a Hydra's Lament for the extra burst.) Late Late Game you should sell your Gladiator Shield for a BloodForge and if your opponent has built heavy defence Replace Witchblade with Jotunns to finish the game

Suggested Bans

Ranked by most dangerous

He Bo, Freya, Chronos, Bakasura, Kali, Erlang Shen, Anhur, Hou Yi

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