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Editing: Hades Solo Lane Update (4.21+)

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Starter Build

Soul Stone allows you to Full Clear the wave a level 3 with 1 point in Death From Below and 2 into Devour Souls. Talon Trinket does this as well, but you'd be building into Bancrofts Talon, a damage build doesn't work on Hades late game imo + you'd have a lot less potions for sustain outside the wave including the healing chalice, which is invaluable.  The only other viable solo laner who can do this is Tyr if he dumps his whole kit into the wave. This immense wave pressure should allow you to take complete control of the lane in the beginning (Exceptions being Ravana and Cu Chulainn, Hades's worst matchups)  unless the minions aren't grouped up for your clear or you get ganked that early by the jungler, so beware of that!

Laning Phase Vs Physical

If up against an auto attack oriented team (3+ AA Gods including Bellona/Erlang/Osiris), swap Breastplate of Valor for Hide of Nemean Lion.

Laning Phase Vs Magical

Be weary of ganks from their jungler if he/she's physical as stone of binding will be your only physical defense until you get tier 2 breastplate (Silver Breastplate)

Late Game vs 3+ Physical

Much like during the laning phase, swap out Breastplate of Valor and Emperor's Armor for Hide of Nemean Lion & Midgardian Mail if up against 3+ AA Gods or if you're taking too much damage from Autos in general. Boots are swapped out assuming you have 30% CDR in your items + 10% from a Purple Pot to prevent overcapping and to lead to a higher damage output. If you're not at full CDR, 40%, keep Shoes of Focus (Blue Boots) instead of Shoes of the Magi.

Late Game vs 3+ Magical

With 218 Magical Protections & 2850 health at level 20, you're basically impossible to kill by the enemy magical members unless you get bursted down by the entire team at once. If they do burst you down and you still live, Stone of Gaia's Passive kicks in and will allow you to outsustain than what their burst will allow during extended engagements at Phoenixes + Fire Giant and of the like.

Other Notes

If the enemy team doesn't have a lot of CC, you can swap out Spirit Robe for Mantle of Discord. Also, both of these items replace Stone of Binding 5th or 6th in the item slots. These build paths aren't absolute, so if you're afraid of getting rotated by the enemy team, it's perfectly okay to forgo Stone of Binding 3rd and have Breastplate of Valor/Void stone take it's place. Just keep in mind they'll cost more gold to complete, and be weary of warding your side of the map so you can see any gank attempts and react accordingly. Generally, after clearing wave, pelt the enemy solo laner with autos  playing safe from a distance until they're done clearing wave then hug your tower or until you became tanky enough to withstand the burst from AA trading  while being able to damage them with your 2+3 combo healing and damaging at the same time.

You do these few things, and you'll never lose lane, and have quite a good chance of winning since warriors & guardians will be enticed to build magical defense first leaving themselves vulnerable to your jungler assuming they're physical.

Add the Main Build

Select the cards for the main build first. Then you'll be able to add situational builds.