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My 2nd main goddess in game is Aphrodite and im exited to share some of my build in here, i got 3 different builds that could help you get better with her, let's see.
THE MOLE: it's a Tanky style and support Aphro that i like to use in tight situations, like aganist a hard cc and heavy gods such as Ares, Nox, Kali etc.. 
Carryphro: Team is not doing well?, worry not, Aphro is here to carry you asses (
Healer: nothing to say just heal and heal and don't die
Solo Lane: the only thing i play with Aphro when rarely i play conquest.
Early Jousting: Repalce Sands Of Time for Winged Blade and u're good to go c:

Note: I'm a Joust Player, this guide is more for joust, don't expect it gonna work on Conquest, still feel free to try'em out hope it helps somebody c:

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Select the cards for the main build first. Then you'll be able to add situational builds.