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Editing: Ah Puch Joust OP

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Item 1 : Book of Thot --> CORE ( lot of mana + Magical Power)

                                                          --> Stack is realy speed with ah puch

Item 2 : Shoes of Focus (most time)


                    Shoes of The Magi (if guardian/Warrior + protection)

                                    --> You need Mvt Speed

                                            i prefer take Shoes of Magi if i dont take Chronos pend on item 3 (if i need armor)

Item 3 : Mantle of discord


                BreasthepLathe of Valor (if team Physique)


                Genj's guard (if team Magi)


                Chronos pend (if you ant to be more support)

Item 4/5 : Rod of tahuti or Gem of Isolation (CORE)

                        But if you realy need penetration choose Spear of desolation

                            --> At this step , you want Damage, If I have the advantage, i prefer to take Gem of isolation for the Slow

Item 6 : Book of the Dead or Bancroft's Talon or item penetration choice
                            --> More Damage (or penetration if you need)

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